Who won the Big Brother HOH Competition last night and who is safe?

Big Brother 23 Bowling
The Big Brother 23 house could see some drama during Week 4 with the upcoming nominations. Pic credit: CBS

A new houseguest won the Big Brother HOH Competition last night, gaining their team safety from being nominated this week. It was a huge win for the team, especially since two of them were about to get targeted by the other members of the BB23 cast in Week 4.

Brent Champagne was evicted earlier in the night, completing nearly an entire week where he convinced himself that he was safe from going home. Instead, he was voted out 11-0, completing a very successful week for outgoing HOH Xavier Prather and his team.

To wrap up the July 29 episode of Big Brother, the four teams competed in another Head of Household Competition. This one was done in teams, with each of the four teams given a puzzle to complete. The first team to finish the challenge would gain safety and the last person from that team to place a piece would become the Week 4 HOH.

It was one of the better competitions of the season so far, not because of who won, but because it was impossible to predict and it was packed with drama. One thing that will be interesting to hear is if any of the houseguests threw it, because quite a few of them claimed on the Big Brother live feeds that they didn’t want the power in Week 4.

Who won the Week 4 HOH Competition on Big Brother 23?

The Kings won the HOH Competition and it was Christian Birkenberger who was named the new BB23 HOH. This means that the same team that was in power last week is in control of the game again. It’s a good thing for Christian, as he and showmance partner Alyssa Lopez were the targets of many people not on their team.

Who else is safe from getting nominated in Week 4 of Big Brother 23?

Xavier Prather, Sarah Beth Steagall, and Alyssa are all safe from getting nominated during Week 4 since they are on Team Kings. That has the possibility of changing based on what happens at the Wildcard Competition, though, because we don’t know what the punishment/consequence of someone taking safety will be yet.

The BB23 cast will take part in the Week 4 Wildcard Competition at some point early on Friday, July 30, setting the stage for who Christian can put on the block at the Nomination Ceremony later in the day.

Christian has already chatted a bit with Alyssa about who could go up on the block and those people are Whitney Williams and Hannah Chaddha. Alyssa wants Hannah out of the house, so she is going to be in Christian’s ear about making that move.

The field is nearly set for the Week 4 Wildcard Competition as well. Whitney is playing for Team Aces and Claire Rehfuss will be playing for Team Queens. Either Derek Frazier or Azah Awasum will play from Team Jokers, and we will find out for sure on Friday who is taking that chance.

The pressure is on Whitney to secure safety and it would be huge if she is able to protect the other Aces (Derek Xiao and Hannah). Stay tuned, because we will have the Wildcard Competition spoilers as soon as they are revealed on the Big Brother live feeds.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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