Big Brother spoilers: Who are the BB23 targets for next week?

Britini In Wildcard Comp On BB23
Britini D’Angelo might be able to escape getting nominated during Week 4 of Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Intriguing Big Brother spoilers have surfaced on the live feeds that point toward who will be targeted for eviction next week.

It’s become very interesting that the BB23 cast is able to play the game a week ahead, especially with plans getting set in stone earlier in the week.

As soon as the Veto Ceremony took place this week, the primary eviction target was locked in for the July 29 Eviction Ceremony.

It’s also amusing to note that the person who is targeted for eviction this week is convinced that they are safe from leaving Big Brother 23. Brent Champagne is in complete denial.

Who is targeted for Week 4 eviction on Big Brother 23?

First, let’s look at the talks that The Kings (Christian Birkenberger, Xavier Prather, Alyssa Lopez, and Sarah Beth Steagall) have had about who they want to evict if one of them can win the Head of Household Competition and keep the power with the team during Week 4.

Xavier cannot play as the outgoing HOH, but if Christian, Sarah Beth, or Alyssa wins HOH, they tentatively plan to nominate Hannah Chaddha and Whitney Williams for eviction. Hannah would be their primary target and Whitney would be up on the block as a pawn.

Who does the Big Brother house want to target for eviction?

As for the other three teams, they have their eyes set on different targets as Week 4 approaches. It could be the beginning of the end for one of the Big Brother 23 showmances, and that might make Frenchie pretty happy as he auctions off items from home.

Christian and Alyssa are on the radar for quite a few members of the BB23 cast. They are very likely to end up on the block together so that if one of them wins the Power of Veto, they can not just save their showmance partner.

Tiffany Mitchell is still intent on getting Alyssa and Whitney out soon, so she may push for an Alyssa and Whitney nomination week, with Christian as the backup option should one of them come down.

If Azah Awasum finds a way to win the Week 4 HOH, though, she could throw a wrench into everything by going after Hannah. Azah has been speaking negatively about Hannah on the feeds and doesn’t want to be in alliances with her, so an Azah HOH could make for some good drama on the live feeds next week.

Good news for Britini D’Angelo

So far, it looks like Britini could survive Week 4 without getting nominated. It’s too early to say that for sure, though, because she could always end up being a replacement nominee if someone gets saved by the Power of Veto.

As long as she can remain off of the block for a week, CBS audiences will be spared from watching another rap song during her eviction speech. For a lot of fans, the cuteness of the first one has already worn off.

But wouldn’t it be fun if the next round of Big Brother spoilers dealt with Britini being HOH and she had the power to really shake up the house?

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