Big Brother recap: Another rap, an eviction, and a new HOH

Sarah Beth BB23 POV
Sarah Beth Steagall has been an interesting character on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 23, Episode 10 recap focuses on the third Eviction Ceremony of the summer. The BB23 cast was tasked with either evicting Britini D’Angelo or Brent Champagne, but early spoilers hinted at it being a pretty one-sided vote.

Xavier Prather had a very successful week as the Head of Household. He was able to nominate the two people he wanted to have on the block, and then they stayed there all week.

Christian Birkenberger won the Power of Veto, and since Christian is on the same team and working with Xavier, it led to the nominations staying the same. Britini and Brent were locked in early as the final nominees for the week and then it was just a matter of getting to the vote.

At the end of Big Brother 23, Episode 9, Brent had said that he felt so safe that he wasn’t even going to ask Christian to use the Power of Veto on him. Would that stay the same leading up to the Eviction Ceremony? We found out on Thursday night.

July 29 Big Brother 23 recap

The first two segments of the episode spent a lot of time on Brent still being convinced that he was safe and it showed him going around trying to make sure that he still had the votes. He even worked to put together an alliance called The Mafia of people he thought were voting to save him. They weren’t. It was fake to everyone but Brent.

The Kings become targets on Big Brother 23

As the BB23 cast got ready to vote out Brent, many people started looking ahead to Week 4. The only team of four people left in the house is The Kings, making them pretty easy targets, but not everyone wanted to be upfront about it. Quite a few people were even saying they didn’t want to be Week 4 HOH.

When it comes to who the people outside of The Kings want to target, it was discussed that breaking up the showmance of Alyssa Lopez and Christian made sense.

As for The Kings, Alyssa and Christian were sharing their plan of going after Whitney Williams or Hannah Chaddha if one of them won the HOH again. Xavier, Alyssa, Christian, and Sarah Beth Steagall are the four members of The Kings who want to continue being safe.

With all of the overlying alliances that crisscross the teams, anything could happen in Week 4, but there could be disagreements within teams about a final eviction target.

A third Big Brother Eviction Ceremony

Britini provided another rap and then Brent gave a quick speech about why he should be safe. It was then time to vote on who would finish 14th place this summer.

Christian voted to evict Brent, then Azah Awasum, Derek Xiao, Kyland Young, Claire Rehfuss, Hannah, Sarah Beth, Alyssa, Derek Frazier, Whitney, and Tiffany Mitchell all also voted to evict Brent.

By an 11-0 vote, Brent Champagne was evicted from the Big Brother house.

When he met with Julie, Brent said that he wasn’t shocked at all that he was voted out. The goodbye messages from the women revealed that they didn’t like Brent very much. Derek Xiao was really kind in his, though.

A new Big Brother Head of Household

The HOH Competition was done in teams. They raced to complete a surfboard puzzle, with the first team completing their puzzle deemed as the winners.

Team Kings won the HOH Competition. Christian Birkenberger is the new Head of Household. Alyssa, Sarah Beth, and Xavier remain safe.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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