When does Big Brother 2020 start? BB All-Stars cast nearly ready

James BB2016
James Huling was on BB 2016 cast. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 2020 start date has nearly arrived! The wait is about to come to an end, despite several delays that were due to the coronavirus pandemic that has shut down production for many reality and scripted television series around the country.

Those delays and the inability to finish open casting calls and final interviews caused the production team to move away from a new BB22 cast and instead replace it with a group of former houseguests.

The Big Brother All-Stars cast has already been placed in sequester and now fans are just waiting on when CBS officially reveals who is going to be playing the game this summer.

When does Big Brother 2020 start?

The Season 22 premiere is on Wednesday, August 5 at 9/8c on CBS. It is going to be a two-hour episode where viewers will get to find out which people have returned to compete for the huge cash prize.

This is going to be considered BB All-Stars 2, but will also be known as BB22, as it is the 22nd regular season that the network will have aired. They also did two celebrity versions during the winter and one online version called Big Brother Over The Top.

Once the season premiere airs on August 5, the schedule is going to shift into familiar territory for anyone who has watched the show recently. Weekly episodes will take place on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c.

The live feeds have also returned and they are already turned on, even though camera views from inside the house aren’t available just yet. Subscribers will likely get to see inside late in the day on either August 5 or August 6.

How long is Big Brother 2020 season?

A report from a reputable fansite has revealed additional information about the length of the season, as well as when the season finale is scheduled to take place on CBS.

According to Dingo’s Hamsterwatch, the Big Brother 2020 season finale is tentatively scheduled to take place on Wednesday, October 28. The site also stated that the length of the season is going to be 85 days. That would allow it to end before the election and not risk any episodes getting preempted by television election coverage.

As for who is on the BB22 cast, that is still a bit of a mystery. TV Guide did post something that resembles a new cast list, but it could have also just been a placeholder for when CBS announced everything. Still, the possible cast list is exciting. It will also provide some entertainment until we hear more.

Big Brother returns August 5 at 9/8c on CBS.

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