Big Brother live feeds: CBS turns them on for 2020, updates the BB22 logo

BB15 Live Feeds
The Big Brother 15 live feeds provided viewers a lot of entertainment. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother live feeds appear ready to roll for the 2020 summer season. Though the BB22 cast can’t be seen on them yet, CBS has the feeds up and running with a new logo showcased.

Don’t get too excited yet. The Big Brother live feeds are only showing still images, which doesn’t include a view inside of the house, but it does show that producers are getting things up and running again.

What are the Big Brother live feeds?

Big Brother has one of the most unique ways for fans to keep up with the cast members each season. Some of the cameras that are used to film the show are made available to fans through an online portal.

On a page set up by CBS and show producers, CBS All Access subscribers can watch one of four cameras that are tuned in to the houseguests. There is also a quad view available to watch a smaller screen of all four cameras at once.

Typically, more than one camera is watching the same conversation but from a different angle in the house. Sometimes, more than one of the cameras is also showing the same thing, especially late at night.

The point of watching the live feeds is that it gives an unfiltered look at what is going on inside the house. That look can sometimes be different than what shows up during an edited primetime episode.

As shown in the image below, the Big Brother live feeds are now up and running with a flashy logo in place of where the BB22 cast members will be this summer.

Big Brother Feeds
A look at the Big Brother live feeds. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 on the horizon now

A lot of little hints have been laid out by the production team and at CBS that the revelation of Big Brother 22 is almost at hand. It will put an end to all of the rumors and finally give everyone some specific answers about the summer 2020 season.

We just reported on some holes in the upcoming CBS schedule where Big Brother episodes could air in August. This might also indicate that the rumored season premiere is already built into the CBS schedule.

There was also some Big Brother All-Stars merchandise briefly teased online before that page vanished. Not only did it give a lot of fans a boost of hope that this season will play out, but it also may have shown the name of a BB22 cast member.

While there is still a lot of news out there about former houseguests — like Rockstar celebrating that infamous day or a former houseguest getting a movie role — information like the Big Brother live feeds getting turned back on is something to be celebrated.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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