BB22 spoilers: Big Brother All-Stars merchandise leaked online ahead of 2020 season

Big Brother host Julie Chen could be back very soon. Pic credit: Larry King

Big Brother All-Stars merchandise was suddenly available online today. It should give fans of the show even more good vibes about the BB22 cast starting to play the game very soon.

An eagle-eyed fan site spotted that CBS had suddenly made a number of trinkets available for purchase. But was it on purpose? Maybe an intern made the page public before it was supposed to be visible?

Big Brother All-Stars merchandise

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, there are plans in place to film Big Brother 22 in a way that will keep the cast and crew safe. It adheres to a lot of new safety protocols and limits the contact anyone has to the outside world.

With CBS and the production team hard at work to make sure the summer 2020 season can take place, that means they are likely getting very close to revealing the names of the BB22 cast members.

It’s not a secret that former houseguests have been contacted about playing the game again and quite a few Big Brother rumors have hit social media about who might be taking part in Big Brother All-Stars.

Amid all those rumors, though, something very interesting took place on Monday. Take a look at the image below that was shared online after it was taken directly from the Big Brother merchandise store.

Yes, that is a Big Brother All-Stars face mask that appears as something that could be sold during the summer 2020 season of the show. Could that end up being one of the biggest sellers if it is really made available?

Big Brother Trinkets
Big Brother 22 trinkets have been teased. Pic credit: @rbbq/Twitter

A strong hint at BB22 cast member?

As shown above, there was one piece of merchandise that is definitely worth noting. It is a personalized luggage tag with the name Kathryn written on it. Could this mean that Big Brother 21 cast member Kathryn Dunn has been invited back to play the game again? She did just have a massive makeover.

The page that was showcasing new arrivals to the Big Brother store is no longer available, suggesting it has been taken down and/or hidden by the staff that was working on it.

So was this a tease of what will be available in the Big Brother All-Stars merchandise store? Or was it really an accident and the page went public before it was supposed to? Either way, it sure has created a lot of online buzz with fans talking about who might be on the BB22 cast.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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