Big Brother news: BB22 cast and crew plan, showmance ends, and former houseguest films a movie

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Will BB22 cast look as silly as Big Brother 2015 did? Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother news over the past week has included a lot of BB22 rumors and also a slew of stories about former houseguests being busy on social media.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way early – CBS has not yet announced the members of the BB22 cast. It means we can’t debate who might become the 2020 season winner or who got snubbed, yet.

There is some great news out there, though, and it involves a plan by CBS and the production team to make sure that the upcoming season can still play out, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Bubble time for BB22 cast and crew

As we previously reported, sources close to the show have indicated that a “bubble” plan could get used, making the production as safe as possible for the BB22 cast and crew.

The cast itself is typically in its own quarantine within the house, but they still interact with people from the show each time that a Diary Room session is held. Crew members are also coming and going from the house and backyard in order to build competitions, restock the pantry, set up the Head of Household room, and various other day-to-day operations.

The new plan is to put RVs on the set where the Big Brother house is located and to have the crew live there, rather than allowing them to leave the lot and go home after a shift. This bubble would be there to cut down contact with the outside world.

Haleigh Broucher and Fessy Shaffat are over

The Big Brother 20 showmance between Haleigh Broucher and Faysal “Fessy” Shaffat also came to an end last week. While Fessy’s episodes of The Challenge on MTV were playing out, Haleigh made a social media announcement stating that they were going in separate directions.

Big Brother 11 houseguest gets a movie

Big Brother 11 winner Jordan Lloyd posted on social media that her husband, Jeff Schroeder, is now off to film a small part in a new movie that he was cast in. Her initial post started up some BB22 cast rumors that Jeff was actually heading to the Big Brother house, rather than to a movie set. She later clarified.

Kaycee Clark has a run-in while out with dogs

Big Brother 21 winner Kaycee Clark posted on social media that while she was out with her dogs she had someone ask her about not wearing a mask. She was not pleased about the interaction and she shared it with all of her followers.

Those are some of the key Big Brother news stories from the past week. Stay tuned everyone, because it’s getting very close to when rumors of the BB22 cast getting sequestered suggest that things will take place. We will make sure to pass on any information we hear about.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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