Big Brother 22 cast rumors: Jordan Lloyd addresses chatter about Jeff Schroeder

Jeff And Jordan
Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder on Big Brother with Julie Chen. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 cast rumors were inadvertently started by Jordan Lloyd when she made a post about her husband, Jeff Schroeder, on Friday.

Jordan made a post to her Instagram account about Jeff heading out to film a small movie part.

Along with a photo of Jeff and their son, Jordan left a long note detailing how much they would miss the man-of-the-house while he was out of town.

“Jeff got a small part in a movie & leaving us for a little bit to film. I don’t know what Lawson’s going to do without his dad. These two are inseparable!!,” Jordan wrote.

She continued her post by writing, “I have a lot of things planned while he’s gone. I am also so proud of @jeffschroeder23 for always chasing his dreams, & stepping out of his comfort zone! I have been with Jeff 11 years now, & I have watched him go through so many ups and downs with the industry he’s in.”

Big Brother 22 rumors begin

It may seem pretty obvious how Jordan’s post led to a lot of Big Brother 22 rumors crisscrossing social media. Some of her followers thought that she was hinting at Jeff joining the BB22 cast.

Her image and the caption that she posted are shared below:

Jordan Instagram
Jordan pines for Jeff on social media. Pic credit: @bbjordanlloyd/Instagram

For newer viewers who don’t recognize Jordan Lloyd, she was the Big Brother 11 winner. She returned to play on Big Brother 13 and also took part in The Amazing Race for CBS.

Jeff Schroeder was also a part of the BB11 cast, where his showmance with Jordan began. The relationship continued outside of the house and the couple eventually got married in 2016.

Outside of playing on two seasons of Big Brother, Jeff also did pre-show interviews for CBS and Big Brother producers during recent seasons.

His ties to the Big Brother production crew are why the rumors of Jeff Schroeder possibly returning as a member of the BB22 cast were so believable.

Jordan Lloyd addresses Jeff BB22 cast rumors

Luckily for everyone, Jordan has come back to her Instagram post to update fans on what she meant by her original post. A lot of fans haven’t seen her response, though, as it was buried in the comments.

Below is one of the notes she left her followers:

Jordan About Jeff
Jordan talks about Jeff BB22 rumors. Pic credit: @bbjordanlloyd/Instagram

Jordan has promised that Jeff is not going to be a member of the BB22 cast. That seems to set to the record straight, especially as she noted it several times in response to fans, but maybe it is all just a red herring because she didn’t want to get Jeff in trouble.

In addition to these Big Brother 22 rumors, there was some great news about the show that came out earlier in the day. A report broke that states the production team is going to work inside of a bubble in order to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The health situation in California has had some fans worried that Big Brother 2020 could get canceled. But it really looks like CBS and the production team is doing everything they can to make it happen this summer.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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Debbie Morgan
Debbie Morgan
3 years ago

I loved watching you both on bb,happy that you guys are still together.