Big Brother: Rockstar relives moment she almost got kicked off BB20 cast and needed bail money

Rockstar Reacts To Brett
Angela Lantry (Rockstar) reacts to Brett’s speech on BB20. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 20 cast member Angela Lantry, who has become better known as Angela Rockstar by the Big Brother community, shared a video on her Twitter account to commemorate an anniversary.

Fans of the show already know what we are talking about, as it is a moment that got referenced for the rest of that season. We are referring to, of course, when Brett Robinson went after Rockstar on her daughter’s birthday.

Angela Rockstar relives BB20 moment

Rockstar marked July 19 by taking to Twitter to post about her very memorable scene with Brett that was showcased on Big Brother 20.

In addition to the clip from the show, Rockstar wrote the caption, “On this day 2 years ago I almost punched a frat boy on National TV… Almost ended up kicked off Big Brother AND needing bail money in LA.”

She also isn’t exaggerating about the encounter, because it really looked like Rockstar had come unglued and that the only way that this was going to end was with violence. Luckily, she got herself under control enough to keep playing the game.

Take a look at the video below to relive exactly what took place on that fateful day two years ago.

What happened between Rockstar and Brett on BB20 cast?

For anyone who doesn’t quite remember what led up to the outburst from Angela Lantry and why Brett Robinson was at the receiving end of it all, we have to go back to Day 30 and the third eviction from Big Brother 20.

Scottie Salton became Head of Household at the beginning of that week and he decided to take out a big target. He nominated Brett Robinson and Winston Hines, who had been working together as part of the Level 6 alliance.

Scottie then won the Power of Veto for the week and decided that he was going to keep nominations the same. This meant that Brett and Winston were going to have to give speeches about remaining in the game.

Rather than give a typical speech, Brett decided to make waves by going after Rockstar.

Speaking to the group, Brett said, “I have to focus on my relationship with you, and Kaitlyn I want you to know, that I am sorry for everything that did happen. I would love your vote and the reason I would love your vote is that, before this, Rockstar came to me.”

Brett continued by telling the story that “She said, ‘Guess what? I’m gonna flip on this vote, I’m gonna make it a 6-5, and then at that point in time I’m gonna pin it on Kaitlyn moving forward.'”

None of that story was true, which is what really set off Rockstar, on the birthday of her daughter, and it definitely caused a rift between Rockstar and Kaitlyn that still exists to this day.

It could be fun to see Rockstar and Brett invited back to play on the same season again, especially if the BB20 cast is all returners.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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