Big Brother 22 schedule: CBS may have revealed the 2020 premiere date

BB18 Cast
It’s almost time to meet a new Big Brother cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 schedule updates are hard to come by because CBS has remained pretty quiet about what will happen with the show this summer. It’s easy to understand why, though, with the coronavirus pandemic taking place.

Early today, a heavy hint took place online about this being confirmed as Big Brother All-Stars. Suddenly, on the website for CBS, merchandise became advertised for Big Brother All-Stars. Maybe the cat is out of the bag?

Now, there are also some heavy hints about the Big Brother 22 schedule, with images of the upcoming CBS television schedule getting shared online.

Big Brother 22 schedule hinted

Two Twitter posts were made on Monday morning from accounts that like to share anything they see online about Big Brother. They each shared the upcoming CBS television schedule for mid-August and some dates are noteworthy.

Among all of the Big Brother 22 rumors that have been floating around lately, two dates keep popping up as possible season premiere dates. One of them is August 5 and the second one is August 12.

If the BB22 cast were to get sequestered before the end of July, then it would be very possible for the show to make its CBS debuted in the first or second week of August.

According to the image shared below, CBS may already be hinting at a Big Brother 22 schedule start date hitting on August 12.

As you can see by looking at it, the Wednesday, August 12 8/7c timeslot has a new episode of Tough As Nails. Then, the 9/8c timeslot is wide open, giving a possible landing start for the Big Brother 22 season premiere.

There are additional “TBA” openings at 9:30/8:30c on Thursday, August 13, and at 8/7c on Sunday, August 16. Could those be timeslots reserved for the follow-up episodes to the season premiere?

CBS TV Schedule
The upcoming CBS TV schedule. Pic credit: @BBUS_2020/Twitter

BB22 cast ready for its debut?

It would definitely be great if the BB22 cast were introduced to the fans and the Big Brother 2020 season was officially placed on the CBS TV schedule.

The problem is that there are still questions about whether or not it will be safe to begin filming the season within the next few weeks.

A plan is ready to film everything inside of a bubble and that could be a way to keep the BB22 cast and the production crew safe and healthy.

If the plan is already in play, then the members of the BB22 cast already know who they are, further meaning that it will only be a matter of time until the official cast list gets revealed.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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3 years ago

Please have BB22! I need something normal and miss BB! Please!!!!