Big Brother Season 22: Finale date, length of BB All-Stars 2 revealed

Julie Chen House
Julie Chen is back to host Big Brother Season 22. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother Season 22 will begin very soon on CBS and we may now know when the season finale for BB All-Stars 2 will take place.

As likely every die-hard fan already knows, the Big Brother Season 22 schedule begins on Wednesday, August 5. The two-hour premiere will serve as an introduction to the new cast and dive right into things.

If everything goes off without a hitch, the BB22 cast will get to play the game for roughly three months by the time a winner is revealed on national television.

Big Brother Season 22 finale

Long-time fan site Dingo’s Hamsterwatch has shared that they learned the season finale will take place on Wednesday, October 28.

The site also went on to explain that the planned length for Big Brother Season 22 would be 85 days. That would make it roughly two weeks shorter than some of the most recent seasons.

The information does make sense, as it would allow everything to play out before the elections take place in the fall. Election coverage tends to dominate television, which could pre-empt any scheduled Big Brother episodes.

Below is the Twitter post where Hamsterwatch shared the latest information that they have learned:

Hamster BB Finale
BB22 finale already scheduled? Pic credit: @hamsterwatch/Twitter

It seems that any news about Big Brother Season 22 has to come with the qualifier that it is subject to change and this new nugget of information is no exception. With things being so fluid, let’s write it on our calendars very lightly with a pencil.

Who is on Big Brother Season 22?

The past few days have been really chaotic in the world of Big Brother and quite a bit of drama has been taking place on social media.

We learned the news that Derrick Levasseur and Paul Abrahamian are not going to play this summer and also got a new potential cast list from Evel Dick Donato.

There have also been some very strong rumors about former winners Kaycee Clark and Josh Martinez getting removed from the show.

It looked like CBS was ready to make the official announcement about who would be on the Big Brother Season 22 cast as well. The live feeds posted an exact date and time for that big reveal. Now, there are rumors it could get pushed back again.

The one static through all of this drama, the potential casting changes, and when the show might reveal its cast members is that the season premiere date appears locked in on August 5. Get ready, because that date is coming up quickly.

Big Brother Season 22 debuts on August 5 at 9/8c on CBS.

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