Big Brother All-Stars 2020: Derrick Levasseur not on BB22 cast

Derrick likely won’t be on BB All-Stars 2. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother All-Stars 2020 is going to get started soon without former winner Derrick Levasseur. That’s going to come as really bad news for a lot of fans that had hoped he would return as a member of the BB22 cast.

Derrick appeared on Big Brother 16 during the summer of 2014. He formed an immediate alliance with Cody Calafiore and the duo made it all the way to the end together. The BB16 jury gave Derrick a 7-2 win and the $500,000 cash prize.

During the season, Derrick was a part of several very strong alliances, including The Detonators and The Hitmen. He was also part of Team America, which carried out missions assigned by the viewers at home.

Some of the other noteworthy BB16 cast members were Hayden Voss, Zach Rance, Donny Thompson, Nicole Franzel, Frankie Grande, Caleb Reynolds, and Victoria Rafaeli.

Nicole Franzel, who has been involved in a bit of drama of her own recently, returned to become the Big Brother 18 winner. Derrick has not been on another season since his victory.

Big Brother All-Stars 2020 cast update

Taking to his Twitter account today, Derrick responded to a social media post directed at him and laid out a specific reason why he is not going to be a member of the BB22 cast.

As shown in the post shared below, Derrick stated that his daughter didn’t want him to be on the show this summer. He wrote that “There were some other factors that were considered, but when your daughter looks you in the face and says she doesn’t want you to leave her, for me — that was game over.”

It’s hard to blame him if the primary reason that he isn’t going to play the game again is that his daughter doesn’t want him to be away for 90 to 100 days again.

Derrick BBQ
Derrick from BB16 won’t be part of BB22. Pic credit: @DerrickL/Twitter

Was Derrick Levasseur the best Big Brother player in history?

Recently, Andy Herren from Big Brother 15 named who he feels were the four best houseguests to ever play Big Brother. In addition to naming himself, he also went with Dr. Will Kirby from Big Brother 2, Derrick Levasseur from Big Brother 16, and Dan Gheesling from Big Brother 10.

In addition to Derrick not being a part of Big Brother All-Stars 2020, Andy posted his frustrations about not being invited back. Having both of them on the sidelines might also take away some of the excitement from BB22 this year.

While Derrick Levasseur may not be inside the Big Brother house this summer, we look forward to reading his commentary as the season plays out. He should have a lot to say about the BB22 cast as it debuts in August.

Big Brother All-Stars 2 debuts on August 5 at 9/8c on TLC.

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