Big Brother 21 winner not a part of BB All-Stars 2 cast?

The Big Brother 21 winner appears to not have been invited to be part of BB All-Stars 2. There might be more to the story here, but neither the BB21 winner nor the second-place finisher, has appeared on the leaked BB22 cast list. As we reported a short time ago, an unofficial cast list shows


Keesha Smith from Big Brother 10 returns for BB All-Stars 2

Keesha Smith from Big Brother 10 is on the cast list that reportedly reveals the 16 houseguests playing the game this summer. As we reported, there are 16 returning houseguests taking part in Big Brother 22, all of which have been noteworthy for one reason or another when they first appeared. Hopefully, the leaked cast


Big Brother All-Stars 2020 to be featured on Entertainment Tonight

Big Brother All-Stars 2020 is going to get a segment on an upcoming episode of Entertainment Tonight. According to the listing for the Thursday, July 30 episode of the show, a segment will be spent on “the new Big Brother contestants.” Now, as every fan of the show already knows, there have been problems with


Big Brother Season 22: Finale date, length of BB All-Stars 2 revealed

Big Brother Season 22 will begin very soon on CBS and we may now know when the season finale for BB All-Stars 2 will take place. As likely every die-hard fan already knows, the Big Brother Season 22 schedule begins on Wednesday, August 5. The two-hour premiere will serve as an introduction to the new


Big Brother 22 spoilers: Paul Abrahamian not on BB All-Stars 2 cast

Big Brother 22 spoilers reveal that Paul Abrahamian is not playing the game this summer. The BB All-Stars 2 cast will not include the two-time runner-up when it all gets started next week. The huge announcement about who is on the Big Brother 22 cast is slated to take place a little later this week.