Keesha Smith from Big Brother 10 returns for BB All-Stars 2

Keesha BB10
Keesha was a fan favorite on Big Brother 10. Pic credit: CBS

Keesha Smith from Big Brother 10 is on the cast list that reportedly reveals the 16 houseguests playing the game this summer.

As we reported, there are 16 returning houseguests taking part in Big Brother 22, all of which have been noteworthy for one reason or another when they first appeared. Hopefully, the leaked cast list is 100 percent correct.

Who is Keesha Smith from Big Brother 10?

Keesha Marie Smith was one of the 13 houseguests who joined the BB10 cast in summer 2008. The season was a relatively short one in the history of the show, lasting just 29 episodes and 71 days in total.

The BB10 cast was quite memorable – even to the point of having a huge reference on the wall of the BB22. Nobody will ever forget Dan’s Funeral and the impact that it had on that season, and the mural was shown in the house tour video by host Julie Chen for this upcoming season.

As for Keesha, she was in a really tight friendship with Memphis Garrett and also started an alliance that was known as The Coven (with Libra Thompson and April Dowling).

The viewers loved Keesha, which is a reason that she ended up getting named the Fan Favorite Juror for the season and took home a nice $25,000 prize for her efforts.

Keesha won Head of Household two times, won the Power of Veto once, and made it all the way to fourth place in what ended up being a really tough season.

The Big Brother 10 winner was Dan Gheesling, and Memphis finished in second place. Dan would return in a later season as a coach, but now it looks like Keesha and Memphis are both back as members of the BB22 cast.

Big Brother fans love Keesha Smith

When the rumors first started up in regard to a second Big Brother All-Stars season, there was a lot of love for Keesha Smith on social media. If fans get to see her walk through the door during the season premiere, that’s going to be a big moment.

It will be very interesting to see how Keesha does with a new cast of characters running around the house and if she still has the same tenacity that she played with 12 years ago. Will she team up with Memphis Garrett again?

Remember, the CBS Big Brother schedule has the season premiere on August 5, but there is no Thursday night episode during the first week. That’s what the live feeds are for, and they should be turned on right away.

Big Brother 22 debuts August 5 at 9/8c on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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