Big Brother 22 updates: Was Tyler Crispen just confirmed for BB All-Stars 2 cast by mom Charline Feltner?

Tyler On BB20
Tyler Crispen finished second place on BB20. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 updates about the cast can come from unusual sources. Now, Tyler Crispen may have been confirmed for BB All-Stars 2 by Charline Feltner. That’s his mom.

There have been a lot of BB22 cast rumors this summer, but when it started looking like former houseguests would be getting invited back, Tyler was one name that kept getting mentioned.

On a new cast list that Evel Dick Donato shared, names like Keesha Smith and Kevin Campbell popped up. But Tyler was still listed, showing that the Big Brother 20 runner-up might be ready to play again.

Now, Charline Feltner may have confirmed that her son is playing the game this summer, though she may not have meant to be the person to confirm that information.

The post has now made it’s way to Twitter, where Big Brother fans are not only discussing Tyler Crispen’s possible appearance on the upcoming All-Star season but also whether the post was really made by Tyler’s mom.

Big Brother 22 updates on Tyler Crispen

An account sporting the name of Tyler’s mom joined a Facebook group this week and shared a post that got a lot of his fans buzzing. It may not even be Charline making the post, but it certainly showed that his fans want him back on the show.

Did Tyler Crispen's mom spoil his appearance on Big Brother 22?
Did Tyler Crispen’s mom spoil his appearance on Big Brother 22? Pic credit: @MMonroe4TheShow/Twitter

Who is Charline Feltner?

When the Big Brother 20 season was playing out on TV, there was a lot of drama going on inside the house during the first few weeks. It led to the mom of Tyler Crispen posting a lot on social media about how things were going.

Often, Charline made comments about Bayliegh Dayton. That continued after Bayleigh was evicted, with Charline posting some things about her that some fans found to be derogatory.

It even led to Swaggy C (who was evicted early and was residing outside of the house) eventually responding about her online.

Swaggy On Tyler
Post during BB20 by Swaggy C. Pic credit: @SwaggyCTV

So, is Charline back to cheer on her son and also reveal that he is secretly part of the Big Brother 22 cast? It’s possible, but it’s also possible that she wasn’t behind the account that posted the comments.

Big Brother 22 cast and more

We still don’t have confirmation from CBS that Tyler Crispen is a part of the BB22 cast.

Tyler was extremely close to winning his first season of the show but came up just short when the BB20 jury voted for Kaycee Clark to win the $500,000. It had also looked like Kaycee was getting invited back, but recent rumors suggest she is not playing the game now.

Stay tuned folks. We will make sure to pass on any new Big Brother 22 updates that we learn, especially since it is just a week until the season premiere.

Even if it turns out that Tyler Crispen’s mom didn’t make the post suggesting he will/can be on this season, we think he definitely deserves another shot at competing, so, hopefully, the producers have brought him back.

Big Brother 22 debuts August 5 at 9/8c on CBS.

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