Big Brother All-Stars 2020 to be featured on Entertainment Tonight

Nicole BB16
Nicole Franzel from BB16 and BB18 may be on BB All-Stars 2. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother All-Stars 2020 is going to get a segment on an upcoming episode of Entertainment Tonight.

According to the listing for the Thursday, July 30 episode of the show, a segment will be spent on “the new Big Brother contestants.”

Now, as every fan of the show already knows, there have been problems with getting the show on the air and it’s unclear if CBS is close to actually presenting its BB All-Stars 2 cast to the public.

CBS did make a big deal about announcing a release date of the cast list, taking full advantage of the Big Brother live feeds to post a note to subscribers. That note included an exact time to tune in to meet the houseguests.

Now, though, there is some worry that the cast reveal could get delayed again, especially if people still have to pass through the quarantine protocols that have been set up.

Big Brother on Entertainment Tonight

If CBS doesn’t reveal the Big Brother All-Stars 2020 cast before the July 30 episode of Entertainment Tonight airs on television, it seems unlikely that the program will be able to talk much about the new houseguests.

ET could still discuss the summer 2020 season, how it will be an All-Stars installment, and maybe even have host Julie Chen Moonves do an interview about what fans can expect. Maybe she could also address the potential hints she has posted on social media.

This could also be a prime opportunity to do the Big Brother 22 house tour, where Julie shows off what the remodeled house will look like for the new cast members. But has the house been prepped enough yet? Or is the crew still hard at work to get it season-ready?

There are a lot of possibilities for the Big Brother segment on ET, but, hopefully, it isn’t just a brief mention that the show is returning. Hopefully, there are at least a few details that will whet the appetites of viewers.

Big Brother All-Stars 2020 start date, duration

If everything stays on schedule, the BB All-Stars 2 start date will arrive on Wednesday, August 5. That would allow the show to take over its familiar timeslot on Wednesday nights as the rest of the summer plays out.

We may have learned how long the season will be as well, with a new report stating that it will last 85 days. That report also relays the information that the Big Brother All-Stars 2020 season finale would air on Wednesday, October 28.

Big Brother All-Stars 2020 debuts August 5 at 9/8c on CBS.

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