Big Brother All-Stars cast reveal delayed again? Fans getting worried

BB 2014 cast
Will anyone from the BB16 cast return for All-Stars 2? Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother All-Stars cast reveal may end up getting delayed again. Possible shifts in who will be on this season and some drama behind-the-scenes could be the culprits.

There had been rumors that July 27 would be the date that fans could learn the names of the second Big Brother All-Stars cast. Then, CBS officially revealed that the houseguests would be introduced on July 29.

While nobody at CBS or on the production of the show has announced that the cast reveal has been moved away from Wednesday, the fact that they took the note off of the live feeds has a lot of fans worried about a change.

There is currently nothing out there from CBS that hints at what day or time they are going to announce the houseguests for this summer. But maybe that could lead to an exciting premiere night.

Big Brother All-Stars cast

Let’s take a step back and think about how exciting it would be if CBS kept the Big Brother All-Stars cast under wraps until the season premiere airs on August 5.

There are a lot of rumors on social media about who will be playing the game this summer and even more stories about people who claim that they chose to opt-out of the show.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to not know the official cast list until host Julie Chen Moonves starts introducing people during the season premiere? It would be a big change, but it could also lead to an uptick in eyes viewing that first episode.

Sure, it would be hard to sit back and not know who is going to be on the Big Brother All-Stars cast, especially since the fandom of the show loves to debate about who deserves to be there and who wasn’t really a star on the show.

At the same time, it could be really interesting to host a virtual Big Brother party with friends and learn the names of the returning houseguests at the same time.

Could a break from tradition be exactly what the show needs during a season impacted by the health situation taking place around the country?

BB All-Stars 2 season premiere

The great news is — despite all of the casting rumors and delays on revealing who is playing the game this time — that the 2020 season premiere date is still remaining static. CBS continues to advertise for an August 5 premiere, meaning it won’t be that long until every secret about the new season gets revealed.

Big Brother All-Stars premiere is August 5 at 9/8c on CBS.

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