When does Below Deck Med return in 2020?

Below Deck Mediterranean when do new episodes air in 2020?
A new season of Below Deck Med will hit airwaves in a couple of months. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is more than halfway through its premiere season. As the Bravo show begins to air the back part of the season, fans are starting to ask, when does Below Deck Mediterranean air in 2020?

The Below Deck spin-off is as popular as the original. Viewers are invested in Below Deck Med and are awaiting the premiere of Season 5. There is some good news for fans — the wait is almost over.

When does Below Deck Med Season 5 premiere?

Below Deck Med will premiere in either May or June. The first three seasons premiered in May of those respective years, and Season 4 debuted in June 2019.

Recently, showrunner Nadine Rajabi dished about the Bravo series on the Bleav No Script No Problem podcast. She didn’t give a specific date for the show’s return, but she did spill that she believes it is slated to hit airwaves in June.

The timing would make sense, as it would give Below Deck Sailing Yacht time to wind down and then lead into Below Deck Med. Although the number of episodes for Below Deck Sailing Yacht has not been revealed, the other two shows in the franchise air around 18 episodes per season.

In the past, Bravo has only had 13 episodes in the premiere season of the yachting series. However, based on the midseason teaser for Below Deck Sailing Yacht, which premiered after Episode 9, the show was given an 18-episode order.

The full-season order means the Below Deck Sailing Yacht finale will be in June. Then, Below Deck Med will premiere, allowing for Bravo to have one franchise of the yachting series airing at all times during the year.

Did coronavirus impact season 5 filming?

Below Deck Season 8 filming was cut short due to the coronavirus outbreak. The news immediately had fans wondering if Below Deck Med would also be impacted, giving viewers a shorter season of the hit show.

There is very little information known about the upcoming season of the Bravo series. Last June, Captain Sandy Yawn let fans know that casting had begun for the new season, even though Season 4 was playing out on the small screen.

Considering the casting call was nearly one year ago and that the network films the yachting shows months in advance, it is believed the pandemic did not impact Below Deck Med Season 5. Nadine did not say during her podcast interview that the season was disrupted, either, so that is also good news.

Fans should expect the new season of Below Deck Med to premiere sometime in June 2020. Hopefully, Bravo will be releasing an official date and trailer soon.

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Pamela Locklear
Pamela Locklear
2 years ago

Can’t wait for captain Sandy and crew to return.