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Virginia gets backlash on social media, MAFS fans don’t believe she’s ready for marriage

Virginia is getting more backlash from MAFS fans as the experiment progresses. Pic credit: Lifetime

While Erik Lake and Virginia Coomb’s instant spark on Married at First Sight pleased viewers at first, Virginia is getting more backlash with every passing week.

Despite signing up for the unique social experiment, MAFS fans don’t believe the 26-year-old is actually ready for marriage.

At first, the 8 year age difference didn’t seem like a big deal to the new couple, however as time goes by – they are starting to understand what that gap really entails.

From guy friends to social media passwords, Virginia and Erik have definitely had their struggles in their new union.

Fans are convinced Virginia isn’t ready for marriage

This week, the couples gain a new perspective of their new spouse through the closest people in their life. Speaking with Erik’s sister-in-law Brigitte, she asked Virginia how she feels about her new relationship.

“We’ve had some, like, really tough days and some really, like, not great arguments,” Virginia began.

Explaining that the high point of their relationship lately has been their 3-day streak of not fighting, it’s clear this couple has some work to do on their marriage.

When asked what their biggest obstacles are regarding the future, Virginia replied, “He just wants to be with me constantly which I love – but at the same time, I don’t want him to feel forced to come do things that I want to do if he doesn’t want too.”

Erik asked the experts for an independent partner, however, Virginia may be more than the pilot bargained for.

While Erik works away from home, Virginia plans on utilizing that time to hang out with her friend’s at the bar. However, Brigitte reminds her that if the roles were reversed,”I would be a little uneasy about it honestly.”

Virginia feels that he “should trust me enough that it’s okay.”

Brigitte admitted to producers in a confessional, “You know, her desire to still go out with her friends a lot in general, I think, will be… not so great.”

Virginia gets major backlash on social media

It’s clear Virginia and Erik have different views when it comes to the structure of their marriage.

“I feel like you get, like, stuck in these constraints, that you think marriage is supposed to be,” Virginia explained to Erik. “I just don’t want you to like, take it offensively if I say, like, we need to figure out our way.”

While fans were originally on Virginia’s side when it came to having friends of the opposite sex, they switched teams when she disclosed she regularly crashed on their couches after a night of drinking.

Since Virginia isn’t ready to give up her party ways, viewers conclude she ultimately isn’t ready to be married.

Agreeing with Erik’s sister-in-law’s point, MAFS fans are asking for Virginia to look at it from her new husband’s point of view.

One viewer wrote, “How would you feel if he was working out of town and using that time to hang out with friends that are girls! You probably would not like it!”

Fans give their opinion on Erik and Virginia’s marriage. Pic credit: @larryspeck9/Twitter

Do you think Virginia is ready to be married?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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