MAFS spoiler: Virginia and Erik discuss their ‘stressful’ marriage

While Married at First Sight couple Erik and Virginia shared an instant connection, it’s clear the marriage is starting to get stressful. Pic credit: Lifetime

While Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake were one of the luckier couples on this season of Married at First Sight, it seems like more bumps in the road are slowly making their appearance.

Despite sharing an instant connection at the altar, Virginia and Erik admit the marriage is getting a bit stressful.

Virginia and Erik discuss their ‘stressful marriage’

In a teaser for an upcoming episode, it’s clear their recent arguments have the couple questioning their direction.

“I want this to work and I think it will work,” Virginia tells Erik. “I have a lot of hope in this process but it’s been way harder than I thought it would be.”

From their conflicting work schedules to their blending of pets, the pressures of marriage are starting to add up.

“It’s a lot. I feel the same things that you do a lot of the time. This is stressful. That’s why I understand where you’re coming from. I maybe handle it a tad better,” Erik admits to his wife. “I want you to be able to just come to me for absolutely anything and i’m never going to judge you on anything about it.”

Trying to assure her that he’s on her side, he says, “It’s not that I’m trying to get in your space, all I want to do is help. Like, that’s me.”

In a confessional with producers, Virginia explains, “He wants me to need him and he wants me to depend on him. For me, it’s just I’m not used to that – you know, letting him in and then letting him do things for me. Cause I know he wants to feel like you know, the man in control.”

The clip ends with Virginia concluding, “That’s not what I wanted in our marriage. Like that’s not the life I wanna live.”

It’s clear fans are torn on the situation.

While some fans believe Erik is simply ready to be a nurturing protective partner, others feel he may be a little controlling.

Fans debate on whether Erik is nurturing or a bit controlling. Pic credit: @Ms.CocoaPrincess/@1Beauty4Ashes/Twitter

Their next step is unclear

One of their latest disagreements stemmed from their future living situation. While Virginia is adamant about not moving into Erik’s home, he doesn’t feel it makes sense to move into her rented apartment.

Virginia’s argument is that she has three animals and is worried that Erik’s place won’t ever feel like their place.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime

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