Molly Hopkins blasted by daughter Olivia in resurfaced video: ‘She’ll literally punch you in the face’

Molly Hopkins on 90 Day Fiance and her daughter Olivia Hopkins
Olivia makes some serious allegations against her mother, Molly Hopkins, in a resurfaced Instagram video. Pic credit: TLC and @olivia.wrynn/Instagram

A resurfaced video made by Molly Hopkins’ daughter Olivia puts the 90 Day Fiance star on blast — making allegations that she has behaved violently in the past.

It’s no secret that Molly and Olivia have butted heads over the years, and their disputes even led to Olivia’s arrest in 2020.

While Olivia was said to be the aggressor in that fight, with the police report claiming that Olivia hit Molly several times in the head, leaving red marks on her mother, it seems she has plenty to say about her mom’s alleged behavior too.

The resurfaced clip of Olivia was filmed after her 2020 arrest, and sees her make claims about Molly allegedly having a history of violence.

The clip originated on Olivia’s Instagram Stories and has been reshared by Instagram blogger Merrypants, renewing 90 Day Fiance fans’ interest in Olivia’s arrest and the altercation behind it.

In the video, Olivia alleged that her mother has been physical with her as well as multiple boyfriends and even with her former business partner and best friend, Cynthia Decker.

Olivia takes aim at Molly Hopkins, claiming she’s been on her own since age 7

Throughout two videos saved by Merrypants, Olivia opened up about growing up with Molly as a mother and no father. She claimed she had been through 20 years of “abuse and neglect,” claiming that Molly left her alone to fend for herself from age 7.

Olivia said that she did well in school and brought home As on her own accord and that Molly was never around for any of it.

She also talked about filming 90 Day Fiance with her mother and her then-husband Luis when she was just 12 years old. Olivia admitted that she was often disrespectful to her mom but also claimed that after filming for hours, production would use a small piece of what she said and did, edit it to make her look worse, with all her “eyerolls” added for effect.

Making matters worse, she said she wasn’t given an option of whether she could film or not, being that she was so young.

Olivia claims Molly Hopkins has been violent with Cynthia Decker and multiple boyfriends

In the second video, Olivia goes into more depth about her claims of her mother’s alleged violence.

“The thing about my mom is she was violent with Luis. She’s been violent with Cynthia, she was violent with multiple ex-boyfriends that I can remember,” Olivia said.

“If you say something she doesn’t like to hear, she’ll punch you … she’ll literally punch you in the face. Mind you, I weigh 105 pounds. My mom weighs twice that.”

Olivia Hopkins’ resurfaced video comes just weeks after 90 Day Fiance fans learned about an altercation with Molly’s latest ex-boyfriend, Kelly Brown.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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linda pratt-webber
linda pratt-webber
1 month ago

Molly you need to teach her what grown-ups need, Trust and Truth.
Good luck!