Tokyo Toni launched GoFundMe asking for $400,000 to help Blac Chyna in fight against the Kardashians 

Tokyo Toni and Blac Chyna
Tokyo Toni raises money for Blac Chyna’s appeal. Pic credit: @tokyotonionline/Instagram

Blac Chyna’s mom, Tokyo Toni, launched a GoFundMe to raise money for her daughter, Blac Chyna’s appeal against the Kardashian/Jenners.

Blac Chyna originally sued the Kardashians for allegedly getting her show, Rob & Chyna, canceled. Chyna claimed the KarJenners cost her past and future earnings, and she sought $100 million. On Monday, May 4, a jury found that none of the Jenners or Kardashians had defamed Chyna.

People reports that Chyna will appeal the jury’s decision, but she will need serious cash in legal fees to do that— that is where Tokyo Toni’s GoFundMe comes into play. 

Tokyo, who got kicked out of court during jury selection for “threatening a judge,” hoped to raise six figures for her daughter.

Tokyo Toni wants donations for Blac Chyna’s appeal

Tokyo Toni launched a GoFundMe, and she hoped fans would help with Chyna’s legal fees. 

Tokyo called the fundraiser: “Cheering for Blac Chyna.” 

Tokyo had been a fervent supporter of her daughter. She often live-streamed outside the courtroom because a judge barred her from entering. 

She kept it short and sweet as she described the fundraiser’s purpose and wrote, “Hey It’s Tokyo Toni Family and friends Sincerely, Momma Tokyo.”

Legal fees are costly, and fighting a famous family whose patriarch was a lawyer, is no easy feat. 

Tokyo wanted to raise $400,000, but at the time of this article, she had only raised $1,331, a long way off from her goal.

A jury finds The Kardashians did not defame Blac Chyna

The Blac Chyna and KarJenner court case was full of drama, outbursts, and stunning revelations. Cameras were not allowed in the courtroom, but reporters shared information during the two weeks of legal proceedings.

Blac Chyna sued the Kardashians for past and future earnings because she felt they torpedoed her successful reality show with Rob Kardashian called Rob & Chyna.

Kim and Khloe took the stand in the case and testified in their defense. Kim said, “I have a right as a cast member to say we really need a break. I will not go into a toxic work environment. On my own show, I have the power to do that.”

PEOPLE reports Momager Kris Jenner also stated, “I was told she [Chyna] put a gun to his head. I was told she tried to strangle him with the phone cord, and she was intoxicated. I was told it was complete chaos. It was scary. It was a mess.”

Ultimately, the jury found the KarJenner clan not guilty of defamation but found they had acted in “bad faith.” 

Simultaneously, Blac Chyna’s intention to appeal the decision went public.

Tokyo Toni has nearly $398,700 to go before reaching her fundraising goal for Chyna’s appeal.

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