The Kardashians accused of ‘gaslighting’ jury in Blac Chyna lawsuit 

The Kardashians accused of gaslighting jury.
The Kardashians accused of gaslighting jury. Pic credit: ©

Blac Chyna’s lawsuit is wrapping up, and accusations are being thrown left and right. 

In Chyna’s attorney’s closing argument, she accused the KarJenners of gaslighting the jury.

Today, the jury will begin deliberations about the $100 million lawsuit where Blac Chyna seeks money for past earnings and future earnings. 

Khloe and Kim took the stand to deny any part in the cancellation of Chyna’s reality TV show.

The Kardashians were accused of gaslighting the jury

Page Six reported that Blac Chyna’s attorney accused the KarJenners of gaslighting the jury during testimony.

Gaslighting is a term for the psychological manipulation of making another person feel as if they are crazy.

Chyna’s attorney claimed that Kris, Kylie Jenner, Kim, and Khloé were using the gaslighting technique when they testified about Chyna and Rob’s December 2016 dispute. 

Kris Jenner alleged that Blac Chyna waged a murderous attack on Rob. 

Her attorney, however, claims it was a domestic dispute rather than a murderous rampage. She explained that there would have been police calls and marks on Rob’s body if Chyna brutally attacked Rob.

The attorney said, in part, “Let’s forget that this is a famous family. For a person to claim that his fiancée struck him with a metal pole … but there were no marks in his body … no phone calls to police, not even a band-aid … that person is not credible.”

Jury deliberations began at 9 A.M PST.

Blac Chyna is suing the Kardashian/Jenners

Chyna is suing the Kardashians for disrupting her prosperous reality TV show on E! Network. Her lawsuit against the Kar-Jenner clan contains $40 million for loss of earnings and $60 million in future earnings, for a total of $100 million.

Chyna used to be friends with Kim, and she appeared on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kim and Chyna’s relationship went south when Kim’s little sister Kylie Jenner started dating Tyga, the father of Chyna’s son King Cairo.

Later Chyna began dating Kim’s brother Rob, and they had a daughter named Dream. The two garnered an E! Network spinoff called Rob & Chyna that followed Rob and Chyna in their domestic lives. Chyna believes that the E! Darlings played a role in canceling her show.

Chyna tweeted about her lawsuit, “I’m taking them [the Kardashians] to court to stand up for my legal rights and to be an example to my kids that ‘what’s right is right, what’s wrong is wrong.’ And what they did was so wrong.”

The Kardashians airs Thursdays on Hulu.

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