Tiffany Mitchell says Cookout men treat her differently after Big Brother AFH win, calls Sarah Beth a villain

Tiffany Playing BB23
Tiffany Mitchell played on the Big Brother 23 cast and finished in sixth place. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 houseguest Tiffany Mitchell took the time to sit down for an interview with the GIRL Let’s Agree to Disagree podcast and discuss her experiences in the game this summer.

This podcast involves Big Brother 21 cast member Jessica Milagros as she asks questions of people on the show or discusses the world of Big Brother. The interview with Tiffany also included BusyBlu and Breydon White.

In addition to the questions that the interviewers posed of Tiffany, they allowed the fans to ask her some things about her time playing the game. And some of those answers ended up being very eye-opening indeed.

It also seems like Tiffany winning America’s Favorite Houseguest shifted how she has been treated by some members of the BB23 cast. Before that, Derek Frazier had been talking a lot behind her back and there was a bit of negativity from Kyland Young and Xavier Prather to each other about how she acted in the house.

Tiffany says The Cookout men are treating her differently based on reception

One fan asked, “Who seemed most affected by how they were received on Twitter when they got out of the house. I feel like DF and KY had to be shocked bc of their ego.”

Tiffany’s answer caught the hosts off guard when she went in on Derek Frazier, Kyland Young, and Xavier Prather in her response. And she definitely said something that a lot of Big Brother fans would agree with based on what we saw in the house and then after the season had ended.

“I don’t think that the men of The Cookout were at all expecting me to be received that way, and I think that had I not been received that way from America, I would be received differently by the men of The Cookout and I said that s***,” Tiffany answered the question.

She later elaborated by saying that “They were not treating me this way, with this love, in the house. And I think that they had planned on leaving out of the house treating me the same way, but the reception from America was very different than what they expected, even different than what I expected, and so now the love is just a little bit different. But I’m gonna be quiet on that.”

Tiffany says Sarah Beth Steagall was a BB23 villain

After speaking about how she has a lot of love and respect for Sarah Beth Steagall from the Big Brother 23 cast and that she targeted her because she really felt that she was a threat, Tiffany was asked a more specific question about the response from fans about SB.

“Was it a surprise to see that she came out being kind of this season’s villain?” Jessica asked Tiffany.

“Look. No. Cause I tried to tell y’all when I was in the house that SB had some fire up under her. I knew underneath all that sweetness there was a whole nother side. I told y’all there was a fire under there, and everybody said ‘no, no, no, you’re just being hard.’ SB got some villain in her,” Tiffany answered.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during Winter 2022.

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