Who is Jessica Milagros on the Big Brother 21 cast? Model brings energy to game

Jessica Milagros On BB21 Cast
Jessica Milagros is one of the houseguests for Big Brother Season 21. Pic credit: CBS

Jessica Milagros is a part of the Big Brother 21 cast. There are 16 new houseguests who are going to be competing during the summer 2019 season and she is hoping to come out on top.

On Monday, CBS revealed the 16-member BB21 cast. One of the people ready to take a chance at winning the $500,000 prize is model Jessica Milagros.

Jessica spoke with former houseguest Jeff Schroeder during an interview that was shown on the CBS live feeds. In it, she shared her excitement about playing the game and representing her family.

Who is Jessica Milagros on Big Brother 21 cast?

Jessica calls herself a full-time plus-size model. She also describes herself as affectionate, charismatic, and creative. As for her favorite activities, she loves to dance, paint, and take photos.

A married, full-time model, Jessica seems like she has a really busy life outside of the game. Her hometown is Chicago, but she currently lives in Oak Park, Illinois. She also comes off as someone who is very knowledgable about the history of the game.

Jessica has a lot of energy that could make her a fun contestant to watch in the game. She should begin playing it very soon, as the houseguests will get started a few days before the season premiere on CBS. This is done to allow producers enough time to record footage for the first few episodes.

Almost time for Big Brother 21 start date

A schedule of episodes for the BB21 cast has been revealed by CBS. It begins with a two-night season premiere, taking place on June 25-26 at 8/7c each night. The 16 new houseguests are all competing to win the $500,000 prize that comes along with being named the Big Brother 21 winner. Can Jessica Milagros win it all?

Big Brother will premiere on June 25 at 8/7c on CBS. 

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