The Masked Singer’s Hawk unmasked: Heartthrob actor says he was ‘a little bit hurt’ by reveal

the masked singer hawk
The Masked Singer officially unmasked another Season 10 character, as Hawk’s identity got revealed. Pic credit: Hulu

The Masked Singer’s Harry Potter Night featured another unmasking for Season 10, as Hawk was officially revealed.

The character had been battling it out with fellow costumed characters, including the Husky, Tiki, and a new Wildcard contestant, Sea Queen.

The panelists wore Harry Potter costumes in the latest episode, with Nicole Scherzinger as Hermione Granger and Robin Thicke as “Sirius Black” Thicke.

Additionally, Jenny McCarthy was unrecognizable as Dumbledore, and Ken Jeong wore a humorous Severus Snape look.

All the costumed contestants performed songs related to spells, magic, and enchantment.

Hawk rocked the stage with the classic Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police.

More clues arrived during Hawk’s time in the episode, including his sharing that he’d previously sunk into depression after losing someone close to him to cancer.

He said he was able to get himself help and wanted others to know, “No matter how dark it gets, there’s always a way to find some light again.”

Another clue during the segment showed a chalkboard with the word “TEEN” and some scratch marks. There was also a “Don’t Open” sign.

A Sorting Hat clue also arrived after Hawk’s performance as the hat put him into Ravenclaw due to being “a ready mind.”

The Masked Singer’s Hawk was revealed after losing Smackdown

While upbeat and energetic, Hawk’s performance didn’t wow the audience enough for him to advance.

Instead, Husky and Sea Queen moved on, while Hawk and Tiki competed in a Smackdown battle to determine who else would move on.

Both characters performed their best rendition of Lady Gaga’s song Monster, later shared in the Instagram video clip below.

The panelists had a tough vote, and ultimately, Tiki’s impressive vocal skills earned him a spot in the next round. That meant it was time to unmask Hawk.

Actor and singer Tyler Posey was revealed in the costume when the mask finally came off. Posey has several albums and starred in the popular Teen Wolf series. That connected him with the “TEEN” with scratch marks clue.

Everyone was surprised by the reveal as the audience and panelists had been fooled throughout Posey’s costumed performances.

None of the panelists guessed Hawk’s identity correctly, either. Before the reveal, Robin suggested it as Ryan Philippe from I Know What You Did Last Summer. Ken guessed actor Andrew Garfield from Spider-Man and Cole Sprouse, who appeared in Hannah Montanna.

Nicole guessed that the man in the mask was Billy Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of Green Day. Jenny thought it might be Chad Michael Murray, who starred in the horror remake film House of Wax.

Posey said he was ‘a little bit hurt’ by panelists’ vote

Asked why he chose to compete on The Masked Singer, Posey said he loves performing and “just wanted to get a chance to do this.”

“I was very flattered that you thought I sounded like Billy Joe Armstrong,” Posey also told Nicole, adding, “That means a lot coming from you guys; it really does.”

“I’m also a little competitive, so I’m a little hurt,” he shared after the unmasking.

“But it’s OK. It’s OK. The Hawk forgives,” he told the panelists with a smile.

Nicole said she could see it in the character’s demeanor during the Smackdown against Tiki. Before giving an encore performance to close out the episode, Posey said he was happy to have been there for the experience.

Hawk is the second celebrity unmasking of the season to have stumped the panelists. Previously, the Pickle was revealed to be actor and podcaster Michael Rappaport, who hilariously went off in a rant about the panelists and host Nick Cannon.

Other unmasked celebs during Season 10 have included actor Anthony Anderson, Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval, and iconic tennis legend and activist Billie Jean King.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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