Who is Sea Queen on The Masked Singer? Season 10 clues and guesses for celebrity identity

sea queen from season 10 of the masked singer
Sea Queen was revealed as the Wildcard on The Masked Singer’s Harry Potter Night. Pic credit: @MaskedSingerFox

The Masked Singer brought the magic with a special Harry Potter Night for Episode 5 of Season 10.

With the themed evening paying tribute to the famous franchise featuring wizards and spellcasting, panelists donned costumes representing characters from the movies.

That included Nicole Scherzinger as Hermione Granger and an unrecognizable Jenny McCarthy in a Dumbledore costume.

Group B contestants the Husky, Hawk, and Tiki returned to the stage for another round of performances to dazzle panelists and viewers.

They were also joined by a new costumed character as the Wildcard for the latest round, with the enchanting Sea Queen.

Here are more details on the possible identity of the mystery celeb wearing the gorgeous costume on The Masked Singer.

Who is Sea Queen on The Masked Singer?

Following performances by returning characters Hawk, Husky, and Tiki, it was time for the new Sea Queen character to grace the stage with a spellbinding song.

Before she performed, a clue package arrived. Sea Queen indicated she’s “always been a bit of a wildcard in life” and was sent away by her mother to a “fancy boarding school” but got “kicked out.”

She said she was doing museum tours at 14, with a royal crown shown during the clue package. A black widow was also revealed among the clues.

Sea Queen said she’s a “triple threat” and has done it all, including “comedy, writing, and singing.”

For Sea Queen’s performance, she sang a panelist and crowd-pleasing rendition of The Searchers’ Love Potion No. 9, as shown in the clip below.

Following the performance, Nicole said it must be a “global superstar under the mask.”

The men in black revealed another clue as they put a magical Sorting Hat from Harry Potter above Sea Queen. It put Sea Queen in a category like it had with the other three characters. Since she was described as “cunning and true,” the hat placed her in Slytherin.

“You never know what genre you’ll catch me in next,” she said as part of the clue.

Panelists’ celebrity guesses included ‘Queen of Neo Soul’

The panelists didn’t disappoint, offering a range of guesses for which superstar celebrity was dressed up as the Sea Queen.

Jenny led things off with the speculation and suggested it might be someone who is the “Queen of Neo Soul.” Her guess was talented singer Erykah Badu.

Ken Jeong suggested that Sea Queen is Queen Latifah, known to have done it all, including comedy, writing, and singing.

He brought up the CD player from her clue segment, suggesting a lot of Queen Latifah’s music came out on compact disc.

Lastly, Nicole speculated that the costumed character is Jennifer Lewis. She’s well known for acting and singing with the unofficial title of “The Mother of Black Hollywood.”

Lewis appeared in many films, including What’s Love Got to Do With It?, The Preacher’s Wife, The Cookout, and Poetic Justice. 

Some of Lewis’ TV roles included comedy, including her appearance as Aunt Helen on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and several roles on the sitcom A Different World.

A popular guess online for Sea Queen is singer Macy Gray, who has released 10 studio albums since 1999 and has that recognizable raspy voice. Gray also appeared in many TV and movie roles, including films Training Day, Scary Movie 3, and Spider-Man.

The costumed character also mentioned touring, which Gray’s been doing since earlier this year. She has scheduled shows for November in Paris, Brussels, and Berlin, among other European cities.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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