Who is Husky on The Masked Singer? Season 10 clues and guesses for celeb

the husky in masked singer season 10
The Husky appeared in The Masked Singer Season 10, Episode 4. Pic credit: Hulu

Four more costumed celebs arrived during The Masked Singer Season 10’s Elton John tribute episode, each ready to take over the competition!

Among them were the Hawk, Royal Hen, Tiki, and Husky characters, which dazzled and amazed viewers and the panelists.

By the end of Episode 4, the Royal Hen was officially revealed as an activist and major sports legend was unmasked.

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The character’s reveal happened after she lost a Smackdown battle to the other character with a low amount of audience votes, Hawk.

Meanwhile, Husky’s first performance was enough to earn the mystery celebrity a spot in the next round of the musical battle.

However, the clues and guesses vary for who might be dressed in the fantastically fierce canine costume.

The Husky’s clues and performance on The Masked Singer

The Husky was the second new character to get on stage during Episode 4, following a celeb in the Hawk costume. Husky’s clue package featured him walking in an outdoor, snowy environment as they provided possible hints about their identity.

“The Husky is one of the world’s most majestic creatures. They’re known to have battled all sorts of landscapes and elements,” the character said during his clue package, adding, “They’re also extremely energetic, aware, and loving.”

They shared they “had a strange effect on the female species” when they first arrived on the scene, mentioning they even threw undergarments at him.

Despite that attention, Husky said they were a “family man,” with a merry-go-round shown as a clue. A mother nature character appeared in the segment as another hint, with Jenny McCarthy pointing out that it could refer to actress Vivica A. Fox.

Another clue shown looked like part of a chocolate bar sticking into the snow outdoors.

“I just ask that those in the audience please keep your clothes on,” Husky joked as the segment ended.

Since it was a night paying tribute to the legendary Elton John, each costumed celeb performed one of his memorable hits. For Husky, it was the classic Bennie and the Jets.

Husky Sings Elton John's "Bennie and the Jets" | Season 10 | The Masked Singer

The performance evoked a strong “Husky” chant from the audience and rave reviews from panelists and viewers.

Guesses included award-winning actor and R&B star

Nicole Scherzinger offered the first guess right after Husky’s performance, suggesting maybe it was actor and singer Tyrese.

Another clue arrived after Husky’s performance as one of the men in black came out bouncing on a small rocketship ride one might see at a playground.

“I skyrocketed up the charts and landed on this platinum album,” Husky revealed to the panelists and viewers.

Jenny guessed R&B star Babyface due to the crying face emoji clue and platinum album. The singer and producer

Robin Thicke guessed that it was well-known actor Terrence Howard, known for “crying” in movies and singing “very well.”

husky’s celebrity identity hint gets expensive #themaskedsinger

Ken Jeong speculated that it could be anotone of Vivica A. Fox’s former co-stars, Morris Chestnutt, mentioning the clues pointing to Husky as a “heartthrob.”

The singer and songwriter first hit platinum with 1989’s Tender Lover but followed it up with several other platinum albums, including 1993’s For the Cool in You and 1996’s The Day.

However, different guesses are circulating online from viewers. One popular guess is that Husky might be R&B singer Ginuwine, whose debut album, Ginuwine…the Bachelor, went platinum.

He would match up with the horses on the merry-go-round due to his smash hit, Pony. He’d also match up as Vivica A. Fox’s co-star in the movie Juwanna Man and was in two Chocolate City films.

Additional guesses for the Husky’s identity include Trey Songz, Sisqo, and Taye Diggs. Based on their impressive vocals, it will probably take some time before viewers finally see this character unmasked!

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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