Did Jenny McCarthy have plastic surgery? Here’s how The Masked Singer judge transformed her appearance

Jenny poses for photographers on the red carpet at a FOX Summer TCA All-Star Party in West Hollywood. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Jenny McCarthy has been in the public eye since the 1990s, so The Masked Singer judge has become used to putting herself out there.

But with fame often comes criticism, as celebrities are often under a microscope when it comes to their appearance.

Jenny is no exception, and her current appearance has caused a stir among her fans and critics alike.

Curious viewers recently asked, “What did she do to her face?” during an appearance on The Today Show when they felt she had become “unrecognizable.”

At 50 years old, Jenny’s flawless, wrinkle-free complexion and toned physique have raised questions about the secret to her age-defying beauty.

With so many wondering what Jenny has done to alter her looks, we’re taking a look at all of the surgeries and procedures that the former Singled Out hostess has done over the years to achieve her ageless appearance.

Jenny McCarthy has admitted to several nips and tucks over the years

For starters, Jenny underwent a breast augmentation while she was still a teenager. At age 19, Jenny had her first boob job.

Botched star and plastic surgeon to the stars, Dr. Terry Dubrow, was the surgeon behind Jenny’s multiple breast augmentations.

During her now-defunct VH1 talk show in 2013, Jenny admitted, “[Dr. Dubrow] did my boobs twice.”

“Once, I got them smaller, and then recently larger,” the mom to 21-year-old son Evan added. “Because after childbirth, for people that don’t know, your boobs turn into, like, pancakes.”

The Masked Singer judge can’t live without her Botox injections

Aside from going under the knife, Jenny is also an avid Botox proponent. Jenny admittedly gets injections of the neurotoxin in her forehead but aims to keep it to a minimum.

During an interview with Michigan Avenue magazine in 2009, Jenny revealed, “I love Botox, I absolutely love it.”

“I get it minimally, so I can still move my face, but I really do think it’s a savior.”

In 2012, Jenny’s story remained the same when she told Life & Style, “I’m an obvious Botox user. I tell everyone.”

“I get Botox in my forehead. I just have my doctor do a little shot.”

Although Jenny admits to having her forehead injected, one part of her face she won’t let a needle near is her lips.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Jenny claimed, “I don’t put anything in my lips. But bring it! I’ve heard way worse stuff about my lips.”

Jenny underwent a fat removal procedure and fat transfer

In addition to her nips, tucks, and injections, the Formless Beauty entrepreneur underwent an AirSculpt procedure to target belly fat and tighten her midsection.

Despite working out for two hours per day, Jenny was unhappy with how her body looked, so she decided to undergo the minimally invasive procedure as well as a fat transfer on her hands to combat the signs of aging.

During an interview with US Weekly, Jenny divulged, “I’m like, ‘I played every sport. I’ve worked out forever. I’m not gonna have that problem’ cut to no matter how much I tried to intermittent fast [to combat aging, its side effects persist].”

“And I’m not an Ozempic person,” Jenny added. “I wanted a permanent solution to a targeted area with a bonus of fixing my hands — and that’s what I got.”

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