Who is Hawk on The Masked Singer? Clues and guesses for Season 10 celeb

the hawk appears in the masked singer season 10 episode 4
Viewers and panelists are wondering about The Hawk’s identity on The Masked Singer Season 10. Pic credit: Hulu

The Masked Singer Season 10 featured Elton John Night in Episode 4 and the arrival of four new costumed characters.

Taking the stage to pay tribute to the legendary musician were celebs disguised as Tiki, Husky, Royal Hen, and Hawk.

The Royal Hen was unmasked by the night’s end, revealing a Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient had been singing in the regal costume.

Meanwhile, panelists and viewers are still trying to determine who wore the Tiki, Husky, and Hawk costumes.

Some interesting guesses arrived for each, with speculation about the Hawk including a rock band member, a Disney Channel alum, and several famous film stars.

The hints about the Hawk and celebrity guesses may help determine the identity of this costumed character.

The Hawk’s clue package and performance

The Hawk was the first new character to arrive during Season 10, Episode 4, and it was a standout costume featuring an impressive wingspan. Immediately, Robin Thicke noticed how the character moved and speculated it was someone young.

They were presented in a clue segment walking alone outdoors on a road in a desert setting.

“As a young bird, I was always hanging out with adults and grew up pretty fast into the family business, but around other birds my age, I was super shy. Closed off. I felt alone. Like a total reject,” they shared as their clue package began.

They mentioned that hearing the sound of rock music guitars piqued their interest in the genre, and “the fallout” was “boards, brawn, and bruises.”

“I found my power in grimy buses and hot parking lots,” the costumed celeb said, adding, “I realized being a reject is totally fine by me.”

The Hawk performed a rocking rendition of Elton John’s Saturday Night’s (Alright for Fighting).

“I have no doubt that you did Elton John, who’s watching, proud tonight,” Jenny McCarthy told the winged character.

Hawk would later perform in a smackdown against Royal Hen, which Hawk won after the panelists voted. With that, he moved on to next week’s Harry Potter night along with Husky and Tiki.

Who is Hawk on The Masked Singer Season 10?

Some of the additional clues that arrived during the Hawk’s segment included a full moon, a treasure chest, and a postcard for New York.

An additional clue was brought out by a “tiny dancer,” who was a young ballerina. She handed host Nick Cannon a photo of Miley Cyrus. Hawk said, “Just like the great Elton John, I too have collaborated with Miley Cyrus, and I loved every second of it.”

Ken Jeong guessed it could be Cole Sprouse from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody since he also appeared in Miley Cyrus’ show Hannah Montana.

Nicole Scherzinger speculated it was Fallout Boy guitarist Pete Wentz since “fallout” was mentioned in the clue package.

Lastly, Robin brought up the treasure chest clue and suggested it might be linked to Goonies. He speculated Hawk could be actor Corey Feldman or Elvis star Austin Butler, who appeared on Hannah Montana.

Some viewer guesses circulating online included Billy Idol, Jimmy Fallon, and Nick Jonas, all of whom would be interesting to see unmasked on The Masked Singer.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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