The Masked Singer’s Jenny McCarthy unrecognizable after transformation for Harry Potter Night

jenny mccarthy during the masked singer season 10
Jenny McCarthy showed an impressive costume for her celebration of Harry Potter on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: Hulu

With The Masked Singer’s celebration of the magical Harry Potter franchise, Jenny McCarthy served up a magical look that made her unrecognizable.

The themed evening includes the return of new costumed characters and the arrival of a Wildcard character called Sea Queen.

It also features each panelist dressed up in costumes representing the popular book and movie series focused on the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

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For example, Nicole Scherzinger dressed like the main character Hermione Granger, complete with a pleated grey skirt, Harry Potter sweater vest, and wand.

Jenny will represent Dumbledore for the big event, and her transformation will likely amaze many viewers and Potterheads.

Her magical change into the wizard with a grey beard was spotlighted in several videos sure to wow fans.

“Hold onto your wands!” Jenny said to open the clip, adding, “The Masked Singer stage will be bewitched with bewilderment in a very special Harry Potter Night.”

“Let me slip into something, hm…more comfortable,” she said before waving a wand and making the on-screen transformation.

Harry Potter Night Gets Magical! | Season 10 | The Masked Singer

Jenny wows as Dumbledore for Harry Potter Night

Taking to Instagram ahead of The Masked Singer episode, Jenny shared a video where she tagged her fellow panelist Nicole.

The video opens with Nicole in her costume, delivering a voiceover featuring lines from one of the films in which she corrects someone’s spell.

Soon after, Jenny appears on screen but is completely unrecognizable as she’s donned a Dumbledore costume.

It included an impressive change to Jenny’s face via makeup to go with the long fake beard, bushy eyebrows, and mustache she wore.

As seen below, Jenny’s costume is completed with a long gold robe.

“You’re a wizard, Harry,” Jenny lipsynchs as Dumbledore from the film.

Following her delivery of the line, the video switches to Jenny and Nicole having fun as they dance in their costumes to high-energy techno music.

Previous themed episodes for Season 10 of The Masked Singer have included an NFL Night, Elton John Night, and the 2000s.

Jenny revealed her 2000s look in a video clip two weeks ago, including a look at an “unmasked” close-up of her face.

Fans react to Jenny McCarthy as Dumbledore

Many fans jumped into the comment section for Jenny’s post to tell her what they thought of her costume.

That included her husband, Donnie Wahlberg, who favored the costumes but didn’t indicate whether he preferred Jenny’s or Nicole’s look.

“Please wear that home, Jenny. Thank you. ❤️,” Donnie commented.

Another commenter asked about the secret to getting that “smooth, long looking beard” for her appearance.

donnie wahlberg comments about jennys masked singer harry potter costume
Pic credit: @jennymccarthy/Instagram

Additional comments praised Jenny for her sense of humor and dedication to detail for donning the iconic character’s look in an unrecognizable fashion.

“I never would’ve thought that you look so good even while wearing a beards. 😂How is that possible?” one commenter asked.

“Great costume!!” another said, while one said they “love love looooove this” despite not knowing anything about Harry Potter.

commenters react to jenny mccarthy in dumbledore costume
Pic credit: @jennymccarthy/Instagram

Nicole also stopped by to tell her fellow panelist, “Omg. You. Are. The. Greatest. I love uou.”

In addition to Nicole as Hermione and Jenny as Dumbledore, Ken Jeong will go as Severus Snape, and Robin Thicke will also appear in a themed costume.

The Masked Singer Season 2 contestant Adrienne Bailon-Houghton will start the show with a performance to entertain the panelists and viewers. She was unmasked in Season 2 as Flamingo, finishing in third place.

Already competing in Group B of Season 10 are mystery celebs as the Tiki, Husky, and Hawk. They’ll be joined on the episode by Wildcard character, Sea Queen.

Viewers get to see more of the Harry Potter costumes and what magical surprises are in store for panelists and contestants when the episode premieres on Wednesday, October 25.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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