The Masked Singer: Michael Rappaport shares why he was upset about his Pickle unmasking

michael rappaport on the masked singer season 10
Michael Rappaport delivered an expletive-filled rant after his unmasking on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: Hulu

Michael Rappaport unleashed his fury on almost everyone in sight after his reveal on The Masked Singer.

The comedian, actor, and podcast host was revealed Wednesday night as Season 10’s Pickle and previously said he was bringing “Big Pickle Energy” to the show.

That energy erupted after he was unmasked, with host Nick Cannon asking for Rappaport’s thoughts about it.

Rappaport called judge Ken Jeong a “fake a** doctor” and swore at Robin Thicke, yelling at him that he sang about Beverly Hills, where Thicke grew up, earlier in the night.

The 53-year-old was the third celebrity unmasked for the latest season and was humorously fuming about his elimination.

Rappaport is known for that intensity, which he’s often brought to social media and his various rants, even mentioning while dressed as Pickle that he’s butted heads with Real Housewives and NBA players.

Rappaport said he was ‘upset’ about Masked Singer reveal

On The Masked Singer, celebrity contestants appear in costume and perform hit songs to entertain the audience, judges, and viewers at home. Clues are given out to try to tip off everyone who might be in the mask.

While disguised as Pickle, Rappaport performed Weezer’s Beverly Hills as his song selection on Wednesday’s show. He delivered a performance of The Who’s Pinball Wizard the week before.

Judges guessed he might be Conan O’Brien, Joel McHale, or Howard Stern based on the clues about a microphone and headphones suggesting a talk show or podcast.

An audience vote occurred toward the end of the night, with The Masked Singer’s S’More and Pickle the two costumed characters with the least votes.

After a Smackdown where they performed Sugar, We’re Goin Down by Fall Out Boy, Pickle received the fewest votes, eliminating him from the game. That led to his unmasking and hilarious rant, calling out the judges, the host, and even celeb guest Lance Bass.

Rappaport appeared in an interview after his reveal on the Fox show and explained how he felt after the reveal.

“When I got voted off, I was very, very- I was surprisingly upset,” he shared, adding, “I was surprised by that.”

“I’m a competitive person…It was really just if you do well, you’ll win, and I wanted to do well. My main agenda was to do well and to perform the best I can,” he told GoldDerby.

He called his reveal “the best reveal ever in the history of the show” and compared his singing voice to that of a “f***ing angel.”

“I was just trying to put on a good show. It’s a show, and I respect any opportunities I get, and I always wanna try to put my best foot forward,” he shared.

Rappaport said it was ‘awesome’ to see other star unmasked before him

On Wednesday’s show, Rappaport became the third celebrity contestant unmasked in the latest season. He joined actor Anthony Anderson, who was Rubber Ducky, and Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval, who was Diver.

During his interview, Rappaport admitted he’s a big fan of reality television, making Sandoval’s appearance a treat for him.

“The fact that it was Sandoval was awesome,” he said, referring to the Diver reveal a week before his Pickle reveal.

“Because I’m a huge- I mean huuuge, Vanderpump Rules fan, and I’m in the middle of my rewatch right now, watching the entire series,” Rappaport shared.

“I was tripping that he got kicked off. I’m a big fan of the show. Big fan of his. One of the great reality stars ever,” he said.

The actor, who appears in Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building Season 2, admitted he had “a lot of fun” with his participation in the show. He said he and host Nick Cannon had known each other since years ago when Rappaport saw Cannon at a club.

Rappaport said he also knew judges Jenny McCarthy and Robin Thicke, which made it enjoyable that they were both stumped by who was in the costume. He indicated he hadn’t ever met Ken or Nicole Scherzinger, but they also had no clue, making his reveal the first surprise unmasking of Season 10.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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