The Masked Singer: Pickle is revealed and blasts judges with rant after unmasking

jenny mccarthy on the masked singer season 10
Jenny McCarthy reacts to Pickle unmasking on The Masked Singer Season 10. Pic credit: FOX

The Pickle brought some serious “Big Dill Energy” to the stage during The Masked Singer’s 2000s night!

That included their on-stage performances and after the costumed character was unmasked during Season 10.

Pickle was revealed after a Smackdown arrived toward the end of the latest episode, where he competed against fellow contestant S’More.

Both characters got to perform again to see who would move on to the finals for Group A.

After their performances, an audience vote resulted in Pickle getting the boot, which meant it was time for the third reveal of the season.

It turned out to be someone none of the Masked Singer judges had even guessed, as Michael Rappaport was under the mask, resulting in a tirade after his reveal.

Actor and podcast host gets unmasked as Pickle

It was 2000s night on The Masked Singer with Gazelle, S’More, Cow, and Pickle returning to the stage for Group A. Each performed a unique song, with Pickle giving his best rendition of Weezer’s Beverly Hills.

“The truth is I don’t stand a chance/It’s something that you’re born into/And I just don’t belong,” they said as part of the song.

“I feel like I know that voice,” Jenny McCarthy said to her fellow judges during the performance.

Based on their guesses, they didn’t know who it was. Additional clues arrived in a segment for Pickle, including them saying they’ve butted heads with NBA players, Real Housewives, and others due to being outspoken.

Pickle also indicated that people always associate him with his “famous friends.”

Later, audience votes determined that Gazelle and Cow were the highest-rated performers and would move on to the finals. That brought about a Smackdown performance with Pickle versus S’More.

Both celebs had to perform Sugar, We’re Goin Down by Fall Out Boy. After they’d given it their best vocal efforts, S’More was more impressive, meaning he’d move on to the finals.

That brought about the unmasking of Pickle as comedian, actor, and podcast host Michael Rappaport.

Previous clues connected him with podcasting, as well as to Martin Short, Martin Scorcese, and Quentin Tarantino, whom he’s either appeared in roles with or interviewed on his podcast.

Rappaport yelled at judges after his unmasking

The judges gave their best guesses for Pickle’s identity ahead of the unmasking. Nicole Scherzinger believed it was actor Charlie Sheen, while Jenny guessed it was Conan O’Brien. Ken Jeong suggested it was radio shock jock Howard Stern, while Robin Thicke said Joel McHale.

None of them were correct, and Rappaport let the judges and everyone have it in a funny tirade after his unmasking.

That included calling Ken a “fake a** doctor,” among other choice words for the judges in a censored rant.

“You, Robin Thicke. I sang about Beverly Hills. You, f*** you,” Rappaport said as Robin got a chuckle out of the rant.

“That Cow, you shoulda sent him to the f***in’ slaughterhouse,” he yelled after demanding a “recount” of the votes.

“Shame on you. You’re out of order. You’re out of order. The judges are out of order,” Rappaport said in the clip (below via Twitter).

Nicole admitted she didn’t know who he was but was star-struck after the reveal.

“Don’t start sucking up now,” Rappaport told everyone as part of the joking before saying it was all for the show.

As the credits rolled, he wrapped up his Masked Singer appearance with an encore performance of Beverly Hills.

Rappaport joins other unmasked performers, including comedic actor Anthony Anderson as Rubber Ducky and Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval as Diver.

Next week’s show brings a night paying tribute to the songs of Elton John, with Cow, Gazelle, and S’More moving on and more characters set to join the competition.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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