Who is S’more on The Masked Singer Season 10? Clues revealed for celeb performer

robin thicke on the masked singer 10
Robin Thicke attempted to guess S’more’s identity on The Masked Singer Season 10 premiere. Pic credit: Hulu

The Masked Singer returned with an exciting Season 10 premiere in which five celebrities performed songs while donning colorful and creative costumes.

Among them was Rubber Ducky, the season’s first celeb revealed and eliminated. Four others moved to the next round, including a celeb in a Gazelle costume, as well as others donning the Cow, Diver, and S’more costumes.

S’mores was a particularly inventive design based on the popular treat made with warmed-up graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate.

The character mask featured a toasted marshmallow with a mustache on its face. They also wore a hat featuring a graham cracker with a flame and a thin piece of chocolate chocolate melting as their hair.

When S’more first got on stage, I’ll Stop the World played for their entrance, with the “and melt with you” part of the song also audible. After the first clues, they sang the Niall Horan hit, Slow Hand, and seemed to entertain the judges and audience with their performance.

As the song ended, they handed some of the judges marshmallows on skewers, with Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg seeming to enjoy the gooey snack.

S’more clues included a special pizza and a Christmas tree

Before S’more performed, a segment gave some potential clues about who the mystery celebrity in the costume might be.

“Gather round campers for the tale of the swashbuckling S’more. Just like this many-layered dessert forged in fire, my life has been all about blazing my own trail,” the character said.

S’more also indicated they started off on a “rocket to fame,” making a “journey from obscurity to major heartthrob status in a matter of weeks.”

Part of the clues segment included a jar with “Tips” written on its label and S’more trying to go up a snowy mountain with the jar sitting on the incline.

From there, S’more was shown in a pirate ship and said they traveled around the globe with “fellow adventurers and idols.” A Chicago deep-dish pizza appeared in the segment with a can of Masked Soda. Jenny believed that could mean the celeb was from Chicago.

The character appeared in a forest setting with a Christmas tree next to them and an angel atop the tree. S’more said they “hung up” their cape after finishing their travels but then decided they weren’t done yet.

Another clue was brought to the stage that featured a “Starring S’More” on a film reel, as the character said they are “very talented on and off stage.”

When S’more first got on stage, Jenny also remarked that “he’s tall,” so celebrity height could be something to check out with celebrity guesses.

Who do judges and viewers think S’more is?

After S’more’s performance, three judges gave their best guesses at who The Masked Singer was, and it seemed boy band members were popular picks.

Nicole Scherzinger believed it was Joey McIntyre from the New Kids on the Block since there had been performers from just about every other boy band on the show.

Robin Thicke brought up the character’s noticeable mustache, guessing that Backstreet Boys member Kevin Richardson was in the costume. Richardson has ties to Chicago as he appeared in the Broadway play. He also worked at Pizza Hut while younger.

Meanwhile, Jenny speculated it was former American Idol contestant Justin Guarini. The Idol runner-up to Kelly Clarkson isn’t from Chicago but held a lead role in several Broadway productions, including Chicago.

Not many people guessed it was someone from NSYNC. Group member Lance Bass is set to appear as one of the celebrity guests during Season 10

Popular guesses online included Bass, Jenny’s husband Donnie Wahlberg from New Kids, and O-Town member Ashley Parker Angel.

Viewers’ Angel guesses could make a lot of sense. The clues included an angel, his last name, and pizza, which could be about his appearance in the movie Pizza Man. Additionally, Angel and O-Town rocketed to fame after Making the Band.

Whoever is in the costume has moved on to the next stage of the competition along with mystery celebs who sang as Cow, Diver, and Gazelle.

Viewers might discover S’more about the character’s identity when the next episode brings more captivating performances and clues on FOX’s guessing game.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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