The Masked Singer reveals Rubber Ducky’s identity for first unmasked celeb

ken jeong on the masked singer season 10
The Masked Singer judge Ken Jeong correctly guessed the season’s first costumed celeb. Pic credit: FOX

Season 10 of The Masked Singer started off with a “miracle,” in the words of judge Ken Jeong as they unmasked their first costumed celebrity.

The premiere episode featured the arrival of five characters who each performed a different song on stage, including the beautiful Gazelle, talented Cow, and humorous Rubber Ducky.

Following the night of performances, the audience voted on their favorites, but it was Rubber Ducky receiving the fewest votes.

With that, the character had to “take it off” per the audience chant and remove their mask to see if anyone guessed correctly.

Ken was right once the mask was removed, much to his delight, as his guess of actor Anthony Anderson was dead on for the character.

“I would have to say it is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever done,” Anderson told host Nick Cannon after he’d unmasked.

Rubber Ducky performed a 1980s classic on Masked Singer

Following performances by Gazelle, Diver, and S’More, it was Rubber Ducky’s turn to take the stage and entertain the judges and crowd.

The costumed character seemed to be having a lot of fun as they performed the classic 1982 hit Come on Eileen by Dexsys Midnight Runners.

Ducky wasn’t the most talented performer of the night in terms of vocals, but they still made it a blast for everyone to witness their time on stage.

Clues that arrived during Rubber Ducky’s segment on Masked Singer included their indication that they started from nothing and rose to fame. They initially tried out standup comedy, but that didn’t work. However, they achieved many roles in television and movies, becoming a “household name.”

Rubber Ducky unmasked as season’s first elimination

One of the clues shown included movies that said “The Horrors 3-4” and a photo of actor Leo DiCaprio. Those particular clues were enough to tip off Ken.

While Robin Thicke thought it might be David Arquette from the Scream franchise, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg guessed it might be one of the Wayans brothers, possibly Marlon.

However, Ken went with Anthony Anderson, who appeared in Scream 4 and the Scary Movie series, spoofing horror and other films. Additionally, Anderson was in the cast for Martin Scorcese’s The Departed, which explained the DiCaprio clue.

“Ken, you finally got something right,” Anderson joked, and Ken replied it was a “Season 10 miracle.”

Due to receiving the fewest votes of the five characters, Anderson as Rubber Ducky was eliminated from the competition first.

The Emmy-nominated actor and comedian spoke about his time on the show in an exit interview.

“I flew all the way here from South Africa, and they kicked me off,” he joked at the start of his video.

“My performance, I will admit, was slightly off a little bit,” Anderson remarked, adding, ” I think I was trying to perfect it in rehearsal. When it came time for showtime, I didn’t have anything left to give.”

Anderson also joked he has a “huge head,” but they gave him a “small mask” which “constricted” his mouth from opening as much as he needed it to sing.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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