Who is Gazelle on The Masked Singer? Breaking down the clues

nicole scherzinger in the masked singer
The Masked Singer returned with another costumed celebrity for judges to figure out. Pic credit: FOX

The Masked Singer Season 10 premiere arrived with a new costumed performer for judges and viewers to guess.

Panelists Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, and Nicole Scherzinger were back to try to figure out who was singing on stage.

Five costumed individuals performed in the premiere episode with Gazelle, Diver, S’More, Rubber Ducky, and Cow.

As with previous installments, the audience voted on their favorite singer after all five characters performed their songs.

The performer who received the lowest votes would get unmasked, with the other four performers moving on to next week.

Season 10’s first costumed performer was Gazelle, with some intriguing clues and guesses about who might be underneath the mask.

The Gazelle is the first Season 10 performer

A gorgeous costumed character kicked things off for Masked Singer’s premiere as Gazelle took the stage to dazzle the audience.

Gazelle performed Alanis Morisette’s Uninvited and showcased some impressive vocal abilities to start the season.

The character’s clue package provided some potential hints about who might be underneath the Gazelle mask. During the segment, they mentioned they saw their first Broadway show at age 6 and fell in love with it. That prompted them to pursue a career in music as their first love, even though it didn’t start off as they wanted.

Early clues included a bulldog and Hawaiian shirt reveal, with the judges speculating what those might mean. They could reference the singer’s alma mater or something from the roles they’ve participated in during their career.

After the performance, comedian, actor, and Snake Oil host David Spade brought another clue out to host Nick Cannon. It was a vinyl record with the words “Movie Soundtrack” displayed on it. Gazelle revealed to everyone that they act and sing in movies.

Clues and guesses for Masked Singer’s Gazelle

After Gazelle’s performance and clues, several judges gave their best guesses about which celebrity might be in the costume.

Jenny’s guess was singer and actress Camila Mendes since she appeared in The CW’s Riverdale and lived in Atlanta, Georgia, where the University of Georgia Bulldogs are. An interesting fact about Camila is her mother’s name is Gisele, which is close to the name Gazelle.

Robin brought up the Hawaiian shirt clue, indicating that he thought it was actress Lucy Hale because she was in the Fantasy Island horror film. Hale also starred in TV’s Pretty Little Liars and the musical movie A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song, for which she appears on the soundtrack.

Nicole believed it could be one of her good friends, guessing it was Vanessa Hudgens. The singer and actress is known for High School Musical, among other films. In 2015, Hudgens debuted on Broadway in Gigi. She’s also appeared in FOX’s live musicals Rent Live and Grease Live, which ties her to The Masked Singer’s network.

Meanwhile, there were different guesses online. Among the popular ones tossed out are Evan Rachel Wood, Idina Menzel, and Emma Stone.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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