The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas jokes with All Stars cast members in Celebrity Sleepover sneak peek

johnny bananas from celebrity sleepover clip
Johnny Bananas will speak with some of The Challenge: All Stars on Celebrity Sleepover. Pic credit: @mtvtheechallenge/Instagram

The Challenge legend Johnny Bananas is reuniting with several of his former castmates from the show that made them famous.

He’ll speak with three of the cast members from Paramount Plus spinoff The Challenge: All Stars on his new show Celebrity Sleepover.

A sneak peek clip has arrived to give viewers a look at the upcoming episode featuring three of the OGs speaking with the seven-time Challenge champ.

Celebrity Sleepover clip features Bananas joking with All Stars

The Challenge: All Stars features 22 stars from the many seasons of MTV’s reality competition series as they battle in Argentina for $500,000. While the winningest Challenge star Johnny Bananas wasn’t on the first season, he seems likely to appear on a future installment as the show continues forth.

In the meantime, he’s finding other opportunities including hosting the new show Celebrity Sleepover. Every episode features Bananas speaking with different guests in a slumber party sort of atmosphere. Guests appear remotely via video chat and engage in interviews, teach Bananas how to make recipes, and more.

So far his guests have included Tiffani Thiessen, Sammy Hagar, and some of The Real World Homecoming: New York cast.

The upcoming episode features All Stars cast members Mark Long, Syrus Yarbrough, and Trishelle Cannatella. A clip is making the rounds online featuring Bananas as he has all three of the legends on his show.

“I literally picked my three favorites. Fan favorites. The ones we know everyone’s gonna love, but they weren’t available so we went with the three of you instead,” Bananas jokes to his guests.

Mark, Trishelle, and Syrus involved in big All Stars moments

For those watching The Challenge: All Stars, all three of Bananas’ chosen guests seem to have a big part in several episodes of the spinoff show.

Fans saw the first drama of the season involving Trishelle and her friend, Katie Cooley, as they had a blowup that extended into the early morning hours waking up castmates in the house.

For Mark Long, The Godfather wielded the power of the Lifesaver during an early episode thanks to being team captain in a daily challenge win. He found that with great power comes great responsibility, and making big decisions often brings some great drama.

Last but not least, viewers saw the OG competitor Syrus comforting his friend Beth Stolarczyk as she was missing home during an episode. However, he could also have some drama going on in an upcoming episode with castmates.

It’s unknown how deep Bananas will dive into their situations on The Challenge: All Stars as he’s likely to ask more general questions. However, fans can catch the episode as it airs on Saturday right after Saturday Night Live.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus. Celebrity Sleepover airs Saturday, April 24, after Saturday Night Live on NBC.

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