The Challenge: All Stars’ Trishelle Cannatella comments on fight, friendship with Katie Cooley

trishelle cannatella during episode 2 of the challenge all stars
Trishelle Cannatella during The Challenge: All Stars Episode 2 confessional interview. Pic credit: Paramount+

Trishelle Cannatella was amongst former Real World stars who returned to appear on The Challenge: All Stars which just arrived on Paramount Plus.

Part of her reason for going on the show was seeing her longtime friend Katie Cooley, who got her start on MTV’s Road Rules before going onto The Challenge.

Unfortunately, the former besties and roommates had a dramatic situation during one of their episodes, which resulted in some hurt feelings.

Fair warning, as there’s Challenge: All Stars spoilers are ahead for anyone who hasn’t seen through Episode 2 of the spinoff season.

The Challenge: All Stars Episode 2 featured blowup

During The Challenge: All Stars Episode 2, there was a major blowup, courtesy of Trishelle, as she was irritated by something Katie didn’t do. By now, many viewers have seen trailers and promotional footage showing the two friends involved in a heated argument with Katie telling Trishelle, “16 years ago. Let it go.”

That was just part of their argument in the early morning which woke up many of their castmates and had Arissa Hill trying to calm things down. Recently, MTV released a clip (below) featuring scenes ahead of the blowup between Katie and Trishelle.

It all started because Trishelle lost during the daily mission, a trivia challenge. As the first female to lose, it meant she was automatically going into elimination. The rest of the house would vote on who she would face.

It was a relatively easy deliberation, with everyone voting for Kendal Sheppard since she didn’t allow herself to fall into the water after answering one of her questions incorrectly. Everyone else who lost had to step forward onto a part of the platform they were standing on that gave way, and they dropped 30 feet down into the water. Kendal hopped over that spot to a safe area by mistake, and instead of going back, she just sat down on the platform.

Later on, Kendal was voted as Trishelle’s opponent. When the cast got back to the house, it was Derrick Kosinski who went up to Trishelle’s room and informed her who she’d be facing. She was taken aback that Derrick told her this and not her friend Katie.

As seen in the episode, and as Katie shared on Aftermath, she was getting food at the time before she was going to go upstairs and tell Trishelle. When she got up there, Trishelle shared how she was upset with Katie for not telling her.

Based on what Katie said on Aftermath, she thought they eventually moved past it, but hours later in the early morning, Trishelle decided to bring it up again that she was really mad about it. That caused the further blownup shown in the episode with cast members around.

Trishelle talks about fight, their friendship status

Trishelle recently appeared as a guest on US Weekly’s Challenge podcast with Emily Longeretta (below). During their conversation, the infamous fight came up.

“We were close for like a long time. It’s one of those friendships that to me it didn’t matter how long I didn’t talk to her. I mean she was a bridesmaid in my wedding. “We lived together multiple times for years in Los Angeles. I was a bridesmaid in her wedding. It’s one of those friendships that I always felt like when I say like I have a handful of best friends, she’s included in that,” Trishelle shared.

Trishelle explained that she felt going onto All Stars they would be each other’s “ride or die” friends, and it was good to have someone she was familiar and comfortable with there. However, she felt while she had Katie’s back and was there for her, it didn’t feel the same way from Katie.

“I honestly wanted to cry right then and there. I was just having like a moment,” Trishelle revealed about Derrick being the one to inform her of her elimination opponent rather than Katie.

Trishelle said having to go into elimination, even though she did it to herself, still made her feel insecure and “like everyone hates you.” Those emotions seemed to feed into her blowup towards Katie.

During part of the episode, Katie got choked up because her friend called her, among other things, a “b***h.” Emily asked Trishelle during the podcast if it was upsetting to hear that.

“Yes, it’s sad to hear that. I hate that. You know, I will always love Katie. I don’t hate Katie. That will never happen. It just sucked. That whole situation was pretty crappy, to be honest,” she said with regard to her friend.

However, she confirmed what Katie said on Aftermath, in that they haven’t talked since the show, and that they live much different lives.

“We have not spoken, no,” Trishelle revealed, adding, “We’re just different, but I think that both of us are happy where we are.”

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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