The Challenge’s Amber M and Big T react to Double Agents Episode 8 including Amber Borzotra’s sneaky game

amber martinez and tula big t fazakerley watch double agents episode 8 together
Amber M and Big T watch The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 8 together. Pic credit: Spill/YouTube

Each week, the cast of The Challenge: Double Agents is getting to see things that went down during the season they may not have realized.

That was the case with Episode 8 this past week, which featured Amber M and her partner as targets for other members of the house to vote into elimination.

Amber M. watched this week’s episode as it played out alongside her Double Agents friend and alliance member, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, who was visiting Los Angeles from the UK.

Big T and Amber react to Amber B’s sneaky gameplan

Something the eighth episode of Double Agents spotlights is that Amber Borzotra was playing the game as best for her. In Episode 8, she revealed she was more connected with the Big Brother alliance than her alliance with Big T and some of the rookie girls.

During a recent YouTube reaction video, Amber M. reacted to seeing and hearing what Amber B. had to say about alliances in the new episode.

“Seeing Amber make that comment about like us rookie girls versus like her Big Brother alliance like I respect it. I respect you’re playing your game, and you have to do what you have to do, but next time just let a girl know because then we won’t go so hard for you,” Amber M. said.

Amber M. and her cousin Kimmy go on to call out “fake friends” during the video (below), referring to Amber B pretending she was on the same page with the Big T and female rookie alliance called “Itty Bitty Small Committee.”

Also in the video, Big T. spoke about CT being frustrated with her and revealed that CT threw his round against Kyle Christie in the daily mission. Big T said CT did that so she wouldn’t have to keep going against Kam Williams.

Amber M. and Amber B. became close before filming

Something not revealed on the show that Amber M. brought up during her reaction video was that she and Amber B. bonded at the hotel before filming Double Agents. Amber M. that Amber B. used to comfort her a lot and was the only person she could talk to before getting into The Challenge house.

However, Amber M. said that Amber B. was playing a sneaky game in the house and basically pretending she didn’t vote for her and was on the same page with the rookies when she wasn’t. Amber B. didn’t follow suit in several weeks of voting with how the female rookie alliance was voting.

Big T. also revealed that she hadn’t even known that Amber M. and Amber B. were close friends. So When Amber B. came to Big T during Episode 8 to talk about voting in Amber M., Big T figured the two Ambers weren’t friends.

Big T said she panicked over whether to tell Amber M. or not but didn’t because she didn’t want Amber B. not to trust her. However, Big T. said it also made her realize that the Itty Bitty Small Committee alliance was crumbling.

Ahead of the Episode 8 voting, Amber M.’s partner Mechie Harris told Amber M. not to trust the other Amber due to her being with the Big Brother alliance. Amber M. didn’t want to believe that but said she had a bit of suspicion. She even asked Kyle Christie to reveal to her if Amber B. voted for her.

Amber M. said she also wanted the power team of Kyle and Kam to send Amber B.’s team into elimination if Amber B. voted for her. That didn’t happen, so Amber M. assumed Amber B. hadn’t voted for her and still had her back.

In the end, Amber B. faked things with Amber B. during their time in the game, and Amber M. said she ultimately learned about it from Devin Walker. Amber M. also said she understood it’s part of the game, but it still bothered her not to get a heads up from Amber B.

Meanwhile, Amber M’s two male partners, Nelson Thomas and Mechie Harris got sent home via different eliminations. Female competitors wanted to go against Amber M. as someone they thought might be easier to defeat, but it cost Amber M’s male partners instead.

Now viewers will have to see how things continue to play out between the two Ambers in future episodes of Double Agents and even off the show. Could there be some feuding at the reunion?

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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