The Challenge: Double Agents competitor blames elimination on ‘damn partner’ and puzzle, calls out castmates’ votes

the challenge double agents competitors at daily mission
Competitors watch part of their daily mission on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

Each episode of The Challenge: Double Agents typically brings an exciting finale that features two competitors battling it out in elimination.

Several finals have been less than exciting, though, as one competitor gained a clear advantage and never looked back.

That was the case in Episode 8, and now the eliminated individual has reacted to having to go home from the show.

Episode 8 elimination saw rookie sent home

In Double Agents Episode 8, it was time for the rookie team of Amber M and Mechie Harris to go into elimination. It wasn’t the first time for Amber, as she’d previously been sent in with partner Nelson Thomas. However, it was Mechie’s first time, and unfortunately, it was a guy’s elimination day.

He’d be up against Josh Martinez, and the event was Asset Destruction. It was featured in a previous episode when Aneesa Ferreira defeated Tori Deal.

The event involved pulling a rope connected to a heavy crate full of heavy medicine balls until the crate tipped over and the balls spilled out. Then the competitor had to throw the weighted balls at a wall of breakable targets to smash a certain number of them first.

However, the men competed in Asset Destruction 2, and as host TJ Lavin described, there was the added element of solving a puzzle before they began. Unfortunately for Mechie, he struggled to solve that puzzle. Josh sped right past that part and eventually won his first-ever elimination, claiming the final men’s Gold Skull.

On Sunday, Mechie took to his Twitter to react to losing the elimination, which was shown this past week on Double Agents.

“Im mad that everybody voted for me because of my damn partner lmao an I lost not knowin a damn puzzle. bring me back to a individual game please cuz,” the rookie competitor said.

In addition to that, he called out Fessy Shafaat, Darrell Taylor, and Amber Borzatro for how they placed their secret votes against his team. Based on Mechie’s comments, they told him they voted differently. However, he doesn’t seem to have ill will towards them as he hashtagged his tweet with “#ItsAllLove.”

Mechie was initially partnered up with fellow rookie Liv Jawanda on Double Agents, but unfortunately, she suffered an arm injury during that tough daily mission on top of a speeding truck. Liv was medically disqualified and sent home.

Since Mechie became a Rogue Agent, he was partnered with another rookie, Amber M, who happened to be one of the smallest competitors in the house. That made her a target for veterans and other players looking to go in and win their Gold Skull.

Despite attempts to put Amber M. into elimination as a “layup,” it’s been a male elimination day the two times she’s been voted in with her partner.

Ashley Mitchell shows support to Mechie after loss

Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell decided to reply to MTV’s tweet involving Mechie to give him an important bit of advice about The Challenge.

“Who gonna tell him the challenge always has puzzle each season? With or without partners……,” Ashley tweeted.

“I know that ash but i [wouldn’t] have been voted for if they didn’t want my partner in,” he replied.

From there, Ashley said she’d send some puzzles Mechie’s way so he could practice for future events on The Challenge.

ashley mitchell tweets with mechie about double agents elimination
Pic credit: @MTVASHLEYBROOKE/Twitter

It clearly is all love between the competitors of the show, whether veterans or rookies. Many of the vets know they had to work their way up in the game. In this latest season of The Challenge, the rookies are now 1-2 overall in eliminations.

Natalie Anderson got off to a strong start on the show. The former Survivor winner claimed the game’s first Gold Skull in Episode 1 by defeating Ashley in the Fire Escape race. However, Natalie had to go home several episodes later due to personal circumstances.

Former America’s Got Talent contestant Joseph Allen lost in Episode 2 against veteran Kyle Christie. The elimination event involved wresting a large ring away from your opponent and placing it on a post twice. Kyle easily dominated that one.

Mechie became the third rookie to go into elimination this season, and unfortunately, he never got to show his physical abilities. However, based on his comments he wants to return and prove to everyone he can win on The Challenge.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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