The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 8 house votes revealed in bonus video

members of the challenge double agents cast have deliberation meeting before they vote
Cast members of The Challenge: Double Agents hold a deliberation meeting before they vote. Pic credit: MTV

On each episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, members of the house who didn’t win the daily mission get to place secret votes for which team goes into elimination.

The televised episode typically shows the house members as they place votes but doesn’t always show everyone’s vote or them explaining why they’re voting that way.

That’s why MTV has been releasing a bonus video each week called Votes Declassified, and they recently released one to show how the Episode 8 voting went down.

Votes Declassified shows Double Agents Episode 8 voting

During the eighth Double Agents episode, the majority of the house members voted for the rookie team of Amber M and Mechie Harris, even though they did their best to talk their way out of going into elimination.

Typically the Double Agents power team gets to go into a room and see who got the majority votes from the house and which people voted for that team. However, Episode 8 kept that information all secret from viewers.

The power team was Kam Williams and Kyle Christie. Kyle informed Kam when they were in the secret room that Amber Borzotra came to him to discuss how she would vote. She asked that he not tell Amber M. about the fact she was voting for her.

During a confessional interview, Amber M. said she was losing trust in Amber B., and if she voted for her, she would be upset. Kyle also revealed to Kam that Amber M. came up to him and asked him to tell her if Amber B. voted for her specifically.

In the video below, each house member is shown as they place their votes, and most give reasons for them. CT Tamburello doesn’t even bother to explain his reason after placing his vote, though.

Who voted for Amber M. and Mechie?

It was relatively close in terms of how the house votes went, but in the end, it was Amber M and Mechie Harris who got sent into elimination.

The house members who voted for them included Cory, Kaycee, Aneesa, Fessy, Lolo, Nany, Josh, Darrell, Theresa, and Amber Borzotra. All other house members voted for Aneesa and Fessy.

Interestingly, Theresa Jones said she had to vote the way she did because she promised never to say Aneesa’s name. Big T said she voted for Aneesa and Fessy because Kyle is one of her No. 1’s in the house, and he asked her to vote that way.

“This is something I did not want to do, but it is what’s best for my game,” Amber B. says when placing her vote for Amber M. and Mechie.

Amber B. was part of the Itty Bitty Small Committee, an alliance that included Amber M., Gabby Allen, and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley. However, she was also tight with the Big Brother alliance in the house, which includes Josh Martinez, Fessy Shafaat, and Kaycee Clark.

Kyle now has that information about how Amber B. voted at his disposal. While he doesn’t seem to use it during Double Agents Episode 8, he has it ready to possibly stir things up in Double Agents Episode 9 or an episode after that.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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