The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 9 trailer spotlights mean girls ahead of elimination

kam williams nany gonzalez in double agents episode 9
Kam Williams and Nany Gonzalez discuss other female competitors in Episode 9. Pic credit: MTV

After the eighth episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, a sneak peek trailer for the next installment arrived featuring the new daily mission.

It also revealed a brief hint at the upcoming episode’s major focus as some “mean girls” are under the spotlight.

With the expectation of a female elimination, it may point towards which ladies will be up for nomination towards the end of the episode.

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The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 9 to feature trivia mission

Daily missions involving trivia have been The Challenge host TJ Lavin’s favorites in many seasons, mostly due to the consequences of giving wrong answers. He typically has a bright red button ready to press when competitors get one wrong.

With Double Agents Episode 9, competitors will be hanging up above water once again. TJ will give them trivia questions to answer. Incorrect answers will result in a fall to the water down below and giving TJ plenty to laugh about.

The trailer reveals that Theresa Jones gets one wrong and ends up falling into the water, so it may be bad news for her and Cory Wharton’s chances to become Double Agents power team.

The brief trailer clip above also features female competitors having a discussion.

“If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s fake b****hes and I feel like they fall in that category,” someone says off-camera. It could be Theresa or Amber Borzotra.

Some else says in a voiceover, “I just feel it’s like mean girlish in here right now.” The camera cuts to different scenes with Kaycee Clark, rookies Gabby Allen and Amber M, and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley.

Gabby, Amber M., and Big T were part of an alliance they dubbed the Itty Bitty Small Committee. It also supposedly included Amber B., who has been part of another alliance with fellow Big Brother stars Kaycee, Fessy Shafaat, and Josh Martinez.

In recent episodes, Amber B. has been making moves on her own rather than working with the rookies. So now she may be ready to help Kam and vets get rid of other rookies.

Kam ready with a plan for elimination?

During a confessional interview at the end of Double Agents Episode 8, Kam Williams said she was pleased that Amber M. is now a Rogue Agent. Kam also seemed to be ready to get numbers on her side to get revenge against Theresa.

A few episodes ago, Theresa and her partner Jay Starrett shook things up when they sent Kam and Kyle Christie into elimination. Theresa didn’t really give a heads up to Kam that she was sending her in, though.

Theresa’s master plan was to pit two strong female competitors against each other so that one would go home. The house voted in Ashley Mitchell and Cory Wharton. Kam defeated Ashley and won her Gold Skull, but several competitors felt blindsided by the Double Agents’ moves.

It put a big target on Jay and Theresa. In the seventh episode, Theresa and Jay were voted into elimination by the majority of the house. Kam’s boyfriend Leroy Garrett was part of the Double Agents power team with Kaycee Clark, so he volunteered himself to go into elimination and got rid of Jay.

It looks like Kam wants to get Theresa sent into elimination, but it’s unknown which other female she wants to put against her. Could it be Lolo Jones or another rookie competitor that Kam wants to try to get rid of?

Or will Kam help another competitor get an opportunity to earn a Gold Skull? That could mean Amber M.’s time of dodging eliminations will be up in Episode 9, as many believe she’s smaller and easier to defeat.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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