The Challenge: Tori Deal appears in hilarious Fessy Shafaat dance video about ‘older women’

the challenge spies lies and allies stars tori deal and fessy shafaat
The Challenge star Tori Deal appeared in castmate Fessy Shafaat’s funny dance video online. Pic credit: MTV

Wherever Fessy Shafaat goes, it seems a lot of the ladies love him, and based on a recent TikTok video, that includes the “older women” that he entertains.

The Challenge star recently popped up in a hilarious new video featuring his former hookup, castmate Tori Deal, as she films the antics involving Fessy and a mystery woman.

That prompted fans to react to the funny new TikTok bit featuring several of the Challenge’s multi-time finalists.

The Challenge’s Tori and Fessy hanging out again

Tori Deal’s recent move to Miami, Florida, brought her closer to several of her friends and castmates from The Challenge. That includes Big Brother stars Josh Martinez, who lives in the area, and Fessy, who lives in another part of the state.

While Tori’s recent mystery man in a social media post had fans wondering, there was also evidence of her hanging out with Josh and Fessy again. Based on Fessy’s brand new TikTok video, Tori appears she was there for that occasion or a separate one.

In the clip (below), Fessy, with a drink in hand, has a mystery woman in a Miami Dolphins jersey all over him on the dancefloor. He looks over to the side and points, and then the scene shifts to show Tori Deal sitting nearby and seeming to film the antics with her smartphone. The slow song I Ain’t Got a Type by K CAMP plays along with the video.

“Older women fall for me I make them press that life alert,” Fessy’s caption reads, referencing the song SUVs (Black on Black) by Jack Harlow and Pooh Sheisty.

Tori is cracking up at what’s going on, as she presumably recorded the dance segment for Fessy’s video, which may have involved a random woman at the club they went to. In another part, Tori’s eating lots of popcorn as she enjoys the entertainment.


Older women fall for me I make them press that life alert.

♬ I Ain’t Got A Type – K CAMP

Fans react to Fessy’s TikTok video

Over three seasons on The Challenge, Fessy has become a polarizing cast member based on various situations on and off the show. However, he has many fans supporting him, many of whom loved the fun TikTok video.

“I love that you are letting her have her moment!” one fan commented with a crying laughing emoji.

fan comments on woman having moment in fessy shafaat video
Pic credit: @fessyfitness/TikTok

“Them cougars need lovin too now, comon,” another fan commented.

challenge fan comments fessy with older woman tiktok video
Pic credit: @fessyfitness/TikTok

Several commenters reacted to Tori watching it all unfold as she ate popcorn, sort of like the classic Michael Jackson GIF and meme.

challenge fan comments tori in fessy video
Pic credit: @fessyfitness/TikTok

Another fan wondered if the mystery woman dancing on Fessy might become a future teammate in Battle of the Exes 3.

challenge fan comments on fessy tiktok video
Pic credit: @fessyfitness/TikTok

While Fessy’s video was likely meant as a viral joke clip, it’s worth mentioning that the 30-year-old dated at least one older woman from MTV’s The Challenge, Survivor star Michelle Fitzgerald, 31. That was short-lived as he seemed to have more interest in Amanda Garcia. His Season 37 showmance Amanda and former hookup Tori are slightly younger than the two-time Challenge finalist.

Since the TikTok video includes Tori, it’s possibly sparked minor speculation about the two dating. They were previously linked during and after filming the Double Agents season, which caused some messy cheating rumors. However, Tori put the rumors to rest several times. That included the Double Agents reunion, where they put speculation about a romantic relationship to rest saying they were staying friends.

Even so, the new clips of Fessy hanging with Tori may have the devilish Amanda steaming at the sight, depending on where things are with her and Fessy.

The Challenge is currently on hiatus on MTV. Season 38 is expected to arrive in 2022.

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