The Challenge star Wes Bergmann calls out castmate with Squid Game comment, Big Brother star reacts

wes bergmann during the challenge total madness
Wes Bergmann’s Squid Game comment got the attention of his Challenge castmate he made it about. Pic credit: MTV

A recent comment from two-time Challenge champion Wes Bergmann about Paulie Calafiore got the attention of his former castmate and fans.

In his comment, Wes refers to a popular Netflix series that just arrived on the streaming platform called Squid Game.

However, he compared that series and The Challenge and involved his former castmate in the dig.

Wes makes Squid Game comment about castmate

The Challenge last featured Wes Bergmann in Season 36, aka Double Agents, where he got eliminated early on due to castmates banding together to get rid of former winners.

Viewers last saw Paulie Calafiore on the War of the Worlds 2 season, his third appearance on MTV’s show after previously appearing on CBS’ Big Brother. He and Wes were castmates for that season and the prior season, War of the Worlds.

There didn’t appear to be any bad blood between them, but they seemed to share a common rival from the show, Josh Martinez, as both were involved in drama with him at some point.

On Friday, Wes took to his Twitter page to suggest Squid Game would be The Challenge, only if Paulie was the one running it.

wes bergmann makes paulie squid game comment
Pic credit: @westonbergmann/Twitter

Paulie got the note as he replied to Wes’ tweet suggesting it was one way to make sure Josh Martinez never returns to the show.

paulie calafiore reacts to wes bergmann squid game tweet
Pic credit: @PaulCalafiore_/Twitter

For those who have no idea what Squid Game is, it’s a brutal South Korean horror series on Netflix which has drawn rave reviews from critics and audience viewers. A brief synopsis at Rotten Tomatoes indicates that the competitors participate in children’s games with “deadly stakes” in the competition.

When will Wes and Paulie be back on The Challenge?

In terms of the above Challenge stars returning for future seasons, that seems up in the air at this point. Josh Martinez continues to get calls to return, despite fans criticizing him as part of the cast.

In Spies, Lies & Allies, he’s received mixed reactions based on what he’s shown throughout the season. He was also involved in that heated altercation, which resulted in him getting a warning from TJ Lavin while Josh’s friend Fessy Shafaat got kicked off the show.

Meanwhile, Wes shared an update about his future appearances on The Challenge, saying he wouldn’t be on the show in the “foreseeable future” due to other significant things he has going on in his life. That had some fans thinking Wes meant he was retiring, to which he said that wasn’t the case.

Paulie hasn’t retired from the show, but rumors persist that he won’t be called back due to incidents after War of the Worlds 2 and possibly comments made in interviews or social media posts.

He’s continued to maintain that he plans to return to the show and win multiple championships. However, Paulie said he’d only do so after he finishing training and competing at the Winter Olympics.

The goal of making it onto the USA Bobsled national team roster came to an end for Paulie, so it will be interesting to see if he somehow pops up on Season 38.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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