The Challenge star says All Stars castmate showed ‘poor sportsmanship’ and ‘no growth’ over her career on show

the challenge cast members ahead of daily challenge on all stars spinoff
Competitors prepare for a daily challenge on The Challenge: All Stars spinoff series. Pic credit: Paramount+

While The Challenge: All Stars features many cast members who have been away from the show for years, quite a few of the cast have been competing regularly on the show and even as recently as the past year.

That includes two competitors who went straight from filming MTV’s Season 36, Double Agents, to appearing on the spinoff series, All Stars. Darrell Taylor and Aneesa Ferreira each did double duty so to speak, as they were more than qualified as OG competitors from their former appearances on Road Rules and Real World, respectively.

Now one castmate who had issues with one of them in the past is speaking out again, calling out “poor sportsmanship” and claiming the individual hasn’t grown during their Challenge career.

Keep in mind, this article will feature spoilers for The Challenge: All Stars up through Episode 7.

Challenge competitor said they wouldn’t try at All Stars elimination

With Episode 7 of All Stars, competitors were very close to making it to the final, and with $500,000 on the line, that meant doing whatever it took to avoid or get past the final elimination of the season.

Two competitors were automatically going into the elimination, Eric “Big Easy” Banks and Jisela Delgado, after finishing in last place for the daily challenge, Rib Cage Pass. However, they would need a pair of opponents at The Arena.

The majority of the rest of the cast had to vote for one male competitor, aside from daily challenge winner Mark Long, to go into elimination. As part of the twist, the competitor who was voted into elimination was able to choose a member of the opposite sex from the cast, aside from whoever won the daily challenge, to be their teammate.

During Episode 7, Aneesa Ferreira was shown in footage telling others she did not want to be their choice at The Arena, saying she was close to the final and always seems to get eliminated just before it. She basicall y said she wouldn’t bother competing if picked to go in. Later in the episode, she reiterated that in a confessional segment, saying she’d do “snow angels in the sand” if the guy picked her rather than helping him try to win.

It ended up being Nehemiah Clark picked for elimination, with Aneesa’s vote the decider shown in the presented footage. That led to further drama during the episode between her and her friend Jisela Delgado.

Jisela claimed after the episode was released that Aneesa told her to her face she was voting for Yes Duffy but didn’t do what she said she was going to. Ultimately, it appears that Jisela and Aneesa’s friendship ended over their issues during the episode.

As far as the elimination went, Aneesa didn’t have to go in, as Nehemiah decided to choose Kendal Sheppard who had already won twice in elimination. Unfortunately, they came up short and ended up going home just ahead of the final.

Castmate tweeted about competitor’s issues after Episode 7

Other members of The Challenge: All Stars cast who have been eliminated seem to still be catching up on what happened in episodes they weren’t part of the filming for. That includes Beth Stolarczyk, who just so happened to get eliminated in the first double-elimination of the season in Episode 5 by a team consisting of Aneesa Ferreira and Alton Williams.

In a recent tweet about the episode, Beth even called out Aneesa for refusing to compete if she was picked as a teammate at The Arena for the double elimination.

“Aneesa=poor sportsmanship,” Beth’s tweeted with a hashtag for the All Stars spinoff show. That brought in over 350 Likes from fans who may have agreed with the notion.

beth stolarczyk tweets aneesa ferreira bad sportsmanship on all stars
Pic credit: @MTVBeth/Twitter

Several fans commented on that tweet, with one asking Beth not to argue because the OG competitors are “legends.” However, Beth pointed out Aneesa “threatened to quit,” and she believed there was “no growth” over her Challenge career.

beth stolarczyk tweets no growth for aneesa during challenge career
Pic credit: @MTVBeth/Twitter

Aneesa, 39, has appeared on 14 regular seasons of The Challenge, dating back to her debut on Battle of the Sexes in 2002. She originally appeared on MTV’s The Real World: Chicago season in 2002.

A feud involving Beth and Aneesa extends back to a previous season of The Challenge the two castmates appeared on. In an early April Bustle article, Beth mentioned being nervous to see Aneesa as they had “unfinished business to talk about.”

In a few social media posts, Beth touched upon that, including recent tweet replies to things fans said. One of those came about on May 14, as a Twitter commenter suggested, “the whole thing was silly” in terms of the drama between Jisela and Aneesa on Episode 7 of All Stars.

The fan’s tweet said, “it didn’t impact Jisela too much,” regarding whom Aneesa chose to vote into elimination. The tweet also mentioned that Beth quit an elimination she had against Aneesa years ago.

Beth replied to let the individual know she quit to avoid possibly getting punched as she was “getting bullied by Aneesa,” who she said was calling her “old, fat, and ugly.”

beth stolarczyk tweet about aneesa and quitting challenge elimination
Pic credit: @MTVBeth/Twitter

The particular season Beth refers to from the fan’s tweet was The Gauntlet II, Season 11 of MTV’s The Challenge, which aired from late 2005 through March 2006.

Beth seemed dominant in eliminations during the season, sending Ruthie Alcaide and Montana McGlynn home in Reverse Tug-O-War during different episodes. However, she quit the elimination in Episode 13, which was supposed to be a Beach Brawl against Aneesa.

Beth clearly had her reasons for quitting then and seems to have her reasons for calling out Aneesa now. As of this report, Aneesa has not replied or reacted to Beth’s comments as Aneesa is off filming for Season 37 of MTV’s The Challenge.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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