The Challenge Season 37 spoilers: Cast may have added former winner after filming resumed

the challenge double agents cast members
More Challenge spoilers have arrived for Season 37 including another former winner added to the cast. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 37 spoilers are underway, with filming said to be resumed for the next season of MTV’s reality competition series.

That’s great news for fans of the show, which will bring back a good number of familiar faces and a lot of newer reality TV stars as well.

In recent updates, it’s looking like one of the show’s former winners joined the cast once the second quarantine had ended and filming officially resumed.

Read on for spoilers about the upcoming season’s cast, including the name of another Challenge winner that has since been added to Season 37.

Former winner added to The Challenge Season 37 cast?

Based on an online forum thread that regularly updates, The Challenge Season 37 added two Double Agents stars following a cast quarantine. That quarantine happened when a cast member tested positive for COVID-19 and production halted filming. Now, things are back in progress.

One of the Double Agents stars who joined, or rejoined the cast, was Tula “Big T” Fazakerley. She was previously rumored to have left the show early into filming for reasons other than being eliminated.

Now, her castmate, Amber Borzotra, a winner on Double Agents, will return to The Challenge for her second season. Amber was originally rumored to be a Season 37 alternate, so it’s possible she replaced another cast member that was removed when filming shut down.

In addition to Amber joining after that second quarantine, an Instagram account that often posts reliable spoiler details indicated Ed Eason from The Circle also joined the cast as a Challenge rookie.

As fans saw on Season 36, Amber B. was teamed up with Chris “CT” Tamburello at TJ’s final and helped him keep a steady pace ahead of the opposing teams. Amber and CT crossed the finish line first, collecting a $1 million prize as the winners.

CT will also be part of The Challenge Season 37 based on the spoilers from the Vevmo forum thread, so it seems they’ll both be trying to collect a second-straight win. Amber may have her work cut out for her, though. Based on online rumors, she won’t be teamed with CT and probably has a few castmates who felt she wasn’t playing the most honest game at all times on Double Agents.

Official cast revealed for Season 37?

With the recent spoilers of Amber Borzotra and Ed Eason joining the Season 37 cast, some of The Challenge social media fan pages have provided updated speculative lists of who is on the show.

As seen in the Instagram post below, former Challenge competitor Amanda Garcia is expected to return after last appearing on the War of the Worlds season. She’s the only veteran appearing who wasn’t on Double Agents.

Other returning Double Agents stars include Cory Wharton, Nany Gonzalez, Fessy Shafaat, and Kaycee Clark, who competed in the final. Devin Walker, Ashley Mitchell, Kyle Christie, and Josh Martinez are also amongst veteran cast members.

There will be a lot of rookies as well, including many from international versions of reality TV shows. Among them are Survivor Turkey’s Berna Canbeldek, Survivor Romania’s Emanuel Neagu, Warshaw Shore’s Gabor “Gabo” Szabo, and Survivor Spain’s Longa Sampredo.

Rookies from American reality TV shows include Love Island US 2’s Lauren Coogan, Too Hot to Handel’s Kelz Dyke, and Survivor’s Michele Fitzgerald. It’s believed that the theme of the season will have male and female partners consisting of one star from an American reality TV show and one from an international show.

The Instagram post below shows off all of the cast members currently believed to be filming for the new season in Croatia. Based on the forum spoilers, Challenge host TJ Lavin will be back again in charge of the proceedings.

As of right now, no official details have arrived for when The Challenge will return to MTV, but it’s definitely a good sign that filming has resumed. Expect to see more of the intense competition, drama, and entertaining moments later in 2021.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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Sandra S Alberi
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