The Challenge’s Hunter Barfield addresses Ashley Mitchell’s Final Reckoning moment: ‘Let it go it’s in the past now’

the challenge star hunter barfield in final reckoning
The Challenge’s Hunter Barfield at the final on Final Reckoning. Pic credit: MTV

A few notorious moments are forever etched in the minds of longtime fans of The Challenge in which competitors decided to stun their castmates by making a big decision at the final.

One of those featured Johnny Bananas opting to keep all of the prize money for winning the final with his partner, Sarah Rice. The other involved Ashley Mitchell doing the same to her castmate, Hunter Barfield.

While these moments will live on thanks to online clips and on-demand episodes, it seems Hunter is ready for his former Challenge partner to get over it and move on.

Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell retweets Final Reckoning moment

On Thursday, May 13, Ashley Mitchell’s Twitter featured a retweet of a Challenge fan sharing a clip from that epic Final Reckoning moment. The 32nd season of MTV’s The Challenge took place in 2018 and featured competitors working as teammates with major rivals.

After Ashley and her teammate for the season, Hunter Barfield, won the final, host TJ Lavin informed Ashley she had the better overall time or score performance. With that, she got to decide if she wanted to split $1 million in prize money with Hunter or keep it all for herself.

Ashley opted to keep all that money, which is how she got that “Millionaire Mitchell” nickname and put her name into Challenge history books. During her decision, she cited how he treated her during the season as her reason to keep all the money. Meanwhile, Hunter was left stunned in an emotional moment for The Challenge competitor, castmates, and viewers.

A fan tweeted the clip and said it might be “one of the most grimy (but karma filled) reality TV moments ever,” adding, “she took $500,000 from that man.”

“No I didn’t take 500,000 dollars from this man. I just didn’t give him 500,000 of my dollars,” she tweeted with several crying laughing emojis.

The Challenge’s Hunter Barfield comments about that moment

It seems Hunter has had more than enough of being reminded about that infamous moment. On Friday morning, he also appeared online, replying to a now-deleted tweet, which may or may not originally come from Ashley.

Hunter’s tweet reply definitely seems to be addressing the Final Reckoning moment which he was a major part of on The Challenge.

“I’m living my life being a Dad and I’m happy. You are living yours doing what you do. I’m tired of having to rehash this every time I get on Twitter. I hope you’re happy with ALL the money you have. My happiness is in my son I now have. Be happy and let it go it’s in the past now,” Hunter said in his tweet.

hunter barfield reacts to final reckoning moment
Pic credit: @hbarfield13/Twitter

Hunter welcomed his first child, son Kohen Brian, back in November 2019. The Are You The One? and Challenge star often posts about his son on social media, giving fans updates and insights into his life.

In a seperate tweet reply, Hunter told a fan he’s just “tired of seeing about it” whenever he’s on social media. A fan chimed in to suggest he should return to do another The Challenge season.

hunter barfield tweets about the challenge final reckoning moment
Pic credit: @hbarfield13/Twitter

As far as that goes, he has appeared on four seasons, with his last appearance on War of the Worlds back in 2019. Hunter reached that final, his second, and finished in sixth place overall. The sole winner, Turabi “Turbo” Çamkıran, won $1 million in prize money with no decisions necessary about keeping or splitting it.

The Challenge Season 37 is TBA on MTV in 2021. The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount+.

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