The Challenge’s Cory Wharton talks about retirement plans, possible All-Stars appearance

cory wharton on the challenge double agents season
Cory Wharton’s Double Agents season was his eighth season of The Challenge. Pic credit: MTV

While one of The Challenge stars recently retired after the Double Agents season concluded, another says they believe they have more seasons to go.

Leroy Garrett revealed that Season 36 was his final one, and his retirement became a major storyline. His castmate Cory Wharton didn’t know until late in the season, and during a podcast interview was asked about his own retirement plans.

In addition, he discussed the possibility of The Challenge: All Stars spinoff show once his time on the regular seasons has wrapped up.

Cory says Double Agents ‘more cutthroat now than ever’

With the Double Agents season, the game kept changing and involved many different elements, keeping competitors on their toes. While everyone had partners at the start, that could change through eliminations or other situations. Even then, competitors who won an elimination got to choose to stay with their partner or steal someone else’s partner.

There were also the concepts of having to earn a Gold Skull by winning elimination, secret votes, and of course, alliances, with the possibility of lies, backstabbing, and manipulation. Even so, Cory Wharton said he’s finally starting to enjoy being on The Challenge. He opened up about it during his appearance on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast.

“After Double Agents that was my eighth season, I have finally started to learn to enjoy the show and enjoy myself while I’m there. Now, don’t get me wrong, the game is more cutthroat now than ever before and I felt that last season. I was depressed like always, but I’m really trying to just enjoy the experience and enjoy the memories that I’m gonna have,” Cory shared.

“I know this isn’t gonna go forever, and when this is done, I’m going on All Stars,” he added. Cory shared that he’s watched the show and enjoyed it.

Aneesa Ferreira, who is part of the spinoff show’s cast, said he is from The Real World so he qualifies, and she’ll welcome him in. She even joked she may be the host by the time Cory is on All Stars.

The Challenge: All Stars spinoff cast features competitors who went on The Challenge over its many seasons after originally appearing on MTV’s The Real World, Road Rules, or Fresh Meat shows. Cory originally debuted on MTV’s Real World: X-Plosion in 2014.

Cory talks retiring from reality television

At one point during Cory’s podcast appearance, they spoke about Leroy Garrett retiring. Cory said he didn’t know Leroy was planning to retire until the overnight mission in the cave in Iceland on Double Agents. That’s when Leroy and Kam were talking about it, and their remaining castmates in the final overheard. Cory, Aneesa, and Tori all said they’re going to miss their Challenge co-star.

Aneesa then brought up all of Cory’s reality TV appearances, including Real World: X-Plosion, Teen Mom, Ex on the Beach, and The Challenge. She asked Cory if he can ever see himself retiring after doing so many shows.

“I mean, no. Obviously at some point I see myself retiring. Come on now,” the 30-year-old Challenge star said.

“The Challenge is a great opportunity. It’s my favorite show that I’ve been a part of and I love going on the show, so until they wanna stop having me, I’m gonna keep coming,” Cory shared on the podcast.

“Now does that mean I’m gonna keep doing them consecutively? No, I’ve got kids I’m gonna take some time off,” Cory added, suggesting he could be off for a season or two, here or there.

With Double Agents, Cory reached his fourth final on The Challenge. He and teammate Kam Williams placed second, collecting $100,000 in prize money to split. Based on his podcast comments, he plans to continue doing the show but will probably take some seasons off here or there.

At age 30, Cory is still quite young for The Challenge. Chris “CT” Tamburello just won his fourth season at age 40. With eight seasons and four appearances in the final, Cory seems on pace to capture a big win as well.

Once Cory finally retires, it seems he’s ready to make an appearance on the Paramount+ spinoff show, too, so don’t expect to see him leaving The Challenge anytime too soon.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount+.

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