Teen Mom OG fans wonder how Cory Wharton will respond when Cheyenne Floyd shares her pregnancy news with him

Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton on Teen Mom OG
Cheyenne Floyd breaks her pregnancy news to Cory Wharton on the next episode of Teen Mom OG. Pic credit: MTV

Cheyenne Floyd revealed her pregnancy news to her closest family and friends on a recent episode of Teen Mom OG.

When she shared the news with her daughter Ryder, who she shares with Cory Wharton, Ryder innocently asked her if she was going to tell her daddy.

Cory had been away filming a season of MTV’s The Challenge, and Cheyenne was not sure how he would respond to the news that she was pregnant, especially since he had reservations about her rushing back into a relationship with her boyfriend Zach Davis.

In a sneak peek of tomorrow night’s episode, Cheyenne revealed that Cory was back and she was planning to tell him her news. She said that she was happy to have his help again with Ryder but she also hoped he could respect the role that Zach would now play as part of their blended family.

In the sneak peek, Cory walked into the yard to see Ryder and he twirled her around and hugged her as he told her how much he missed her. She then unzipped her sweatshirt to show him her shirt that said she was going to be a big sister again.

Cory appeared shocked and the clip ended with him saying, “Cheyenne!” as he pensively held his hand to his chin.

A Teen Mom fan page shared the sneak peek on Instagram and several fans chimed in to predict what Cory’s full response might be.

Fans wonder how Cory will respond to Cheyenne’s pregnancy news

Fans quickly chimed in to share their thoughts on how Cory might react to Cheyenne’s pregnancy news.

Some fans felt that it really didn’t matter what Cory thought of the news and that Cheyenne shouldn’t need his approval.

A fan thinks Cory's opinion on Cheyenne's pregnancy shouldn't matter
A fan thinks Cory’s opinion on Cheyenne’s pregnancy shouldn’t matter. Pic credit: @Jack____page/Instagram
A fan doesn't think Cheyenne should need Cory's approval.
A fan doesn’t think Cheyenne should need Cory’s approval. Pic credit: @ladynana34_Instagram

One follower added that if Cory had moved on and started a family with someone else then Cheyenne should be able to do the same.

A fan thinks Cheyenne should be able to move on just like Cory has
A fan thinks Cheyenne should be able to move on just like Cory has. Pic credit: @sarah.e.parquette/Instagram

Other fans felt that the entire dynamic between Cheyenne and Cory was weird to begin with. They couldn’t understand why the two of them always felt the need to break news to each other in the way that they do, especially considering they were never in a long term serious relationship together.

A fan thinks the dynamic between Cheyenne and Cory is weird
A fan thinks the dynamic between Cheyenne and Cory is weird. Pic credit: @onepinkonebluemomoftwo/Instagram

Cheyenne and Cory’s blended family

Despite fan’s opinions on their situation, Cheyenne and Cory have done the best they can to raise Ryder in their blended family.

Cory has a daughter named Mila with Taylor Selfridge, and the two of them include Ryder in their family activities.

Cheyenne is hopeful that Cory will be able to show the same respect to Zach as she does to Taylor so that Ryder can have a family dynamic that is loving and free from drama.

Fans can tune in to tomorrow night’s episode of Teen Mom OG to see Cory’s full reaction to Cheyenne’s pregnancy news.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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