The Challenge’s Beth Stolarczyk says castmate got into ‘bully mode’ with her during unaired All Stars drama

beth stolarczyk during the challenge all stars aftermath episode
Beth Stolarczyk spoke about unaired drama that occurred in The Challenge: All Stars Episode 5. Pic credit: Paramount+

When it comes to The Challenge: All Stars, the OG competitors may be older and wiser, but feelings can still get hurt as they play the game.

Viewers have seen that in several episodes already, and according to Beth Stolarczyk, there was some animosity towards her during an episode that production didn’t include footage of.

Following the episode, Beth dished about one castmate that she said went into “bully mode” with her because of how the votes were going for elimination.

All Stars Episode 5 featured romance, elimination twist

Several cast members were featured as part of The Challenge: All Stars Episode 5 storylines, including Beth and her friend Syrus Yarbrough. Beth told Syrus she needed her friend there with her for the show. Syrus mentioned he’d tripped outside and hurt his ankle, though, which might cause him issues later.

Meanwhile, two of their castmates were getting to know each other better. Jisela Delgado and Alton Williams enjoyed some conversation, flirting, and more during the footage shown in the episode.

It’s unknown how far things went, as Alton and Jisela didn’t drop additional details during their confessional interviews in the episode.

Their flirty situation seemed to come into play later. Since Syrus and his teammate Beth finished last in the daily challenge, Syrus was automatically put into elimination. He told others that he wanted to take on Alton because he felt Alton held his group back during the daily challenge.

That apparently caused some tension as Alton didn’t feel he should go in. He tried to suggest Eric “Big Easy” Banks instead during the deliberation meeting. Still, most of the voting cast members chose Alton as Syrus’ opponent.

At The Arena, host TJ Lavin revealed a big twist — it would be a double elimination. It meant Beth was automatically going in as Syrus’ partner. Alton got to choose his teammate, so he picked Aneesa Ferreira, and they dominated the event, sending Beth and Syrus home.

Beth spoke about unaired drama during Aftermath show

Despite the elimination going Alton’s way, he was irritated about being voted in. According to Beth, Alton and Jisela were upset about people trying to vote Alton in, and they even confronted her about it.

“A lot of stuff happened that you didn’t see before deliberation. Like I was getting yelled at by Alton and Jisela when I didn’t even have a vote to begin with, and they were both giving me all the business telling me that I’m not voting with integrity,” Beth shared on Paramount Plus’ Aftermath show.

Beth said she’s been friends with Syrus for years and was going to support his requests when competing on the show. However, she was surprised Jisela was acting that way over Alton, someone she just started hooking up with on All Stars.

“I have to get screamed at because I’m supporting one of my best friends? Like that was not cool, and then she just like started to get into like bully mode with me, which was really disappointing to me because I thought Jisela was, you know, playing really fair up to that point. It really rubbed me the wrong way and pissed me off,” Beth shared.

“Had I known I was going in too, there’s no way I would’ve chosen Alton,” Beth added jokingly, since he was part of the team that eliminated her.

Beth was part of Episode 4 elimination drama

Episode 5 made for a second-straight episode in which Beth was involved in some elimination drama. In All Stars Episode 4, Beth was automatically in the elimination. She requested Arissa Hill as her opponent, but Katie Cooley volunteered herself due to the fact she didn’t attempt the daily challenge. Later, the daily’s winning male captain, Mark Long, used the Lifesaver and saved Katie from elimination.

From there, the cast had to vote for Beth’s opponent. Darrell Taylor had the first vote and asked Beth who she wanted, so she said Arissa’s name, prompting most of the cast to send her in. An upset Arissa went down to join TJ and Beth for the elimination but didn’t participate. Instead, she cursed at and told off her castmates for what just happened before exiting the show.

Despite that scene at the end of Episode 4, Beth had Arissa as a surprise guest for an All Stars viewing party to check out the episode last week along with other Challenge and Real World stars. It’s unknown if Beth and Jisela have been hanging out anytime recently, though.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount+.

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